By: Anel Farjado

Currently trending number four on Twitter, Wordle is an up-and-coming web-based game developed by Josh Wardle and later published by the New York Times, first originally released in October 2021. So, what is Wordle really? The mechanics are simple. Every day a new word is generated and players have six attempts to guess the correct word before anyone else does.

But there is a catch: no clues are given to help figure out the five-letter word. Shocking news, I know. There are an infinite amount of options to choose from. The words can stem from different cultures. One word of the day was “bloke”, which is a British word that means man. There is definitely no limit to what words can be used.

The game only lets you know if you’re headed in the right direction by highlighting the correct letter in green. The game also highlights letters in yellow to alert you that letter is in the word but not in the right spot.

The game seems easy at first glance yet after a while of thinking of possible five-letter words, your mind goes blank. Players find themselves stuck with guessing what word will solve the puzzle.

Wordle has been trending all over TikTok and the rest of the internet is buzzing about this viral game. Websites have even emerged on the web, leaking the word of the day. 

With the advancements in technology, the upcoming generation is getting their news from the web instead of newspapers. Wordle is very similar to its analog predecessor, the logic-based game called Sudoku, its modern-day version created by Howard Garns.

Upon guessing the word of the day, if you find yourself craving more, there are loads of similar games to satisfy your hunger. Available online is Wordle Unlimited, which allows unlimited gameplay as it generates a different word for every game. 

If you are up for the challenge, try Quordle, a game that has four separate words, and is given nine guesses to get all four right.

If you are above the age of eighteen, try the dirty version of Wordle called Lewdle. It consists of only rude, offensive words, and the same rules apply as the original Wordle.

Another game rising is called Heardle, which takes a musical spin to the original Wordle game by instead of guessing words, the player is required to guess song intros from popular streaming artists.

Wordle is definitely a game to give a try if you want your brain working and to compete with friends on who can guess the word first. Don’t be afraid to try the rest of the game suggestions. Put your vocab knowledge to the test.