Oscar Picks

By: Zak Falcone Oscars: Flick Picks   Best Picture   Nominees:   CODA   THE POWER OF THE DOG   NIGHTMARE ALLEY   DRIVE MY CAR   BELFAST   DUNE   WEST SIDE STORY   KING RICHARD   LICORICE PIZZA   Who Should Win: WEST SIDE STORY   Who Will Win: THE POWER OF THE DOG   Who Could Win: CODA   Spielberg’s first musical […]

People Behind The Profile

By Arielle Champion   As a result of the pandemic, many things have changed, one being social media. With everything temporarily shutting down and being switched online, many people turned to social media.  According to a report done by eMarketer Principal Analyst Debra Aho Williamson, “Americans spent on average 82 […]