Rutgers’ Fall 2021 Return

By Deja Watts When COVID started to get worse around this time last year, every establishment and college campus went on lockdown. College students went from being on campus to being home and learning remotely. Recently, an action plan was announced for Rutgers’ students to safely return to campus. President […]

Diversity Certificate Program

by Yashira Caraballo If you use the Rutgers-Camden app, you’ve likely seen many posts by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on the new Diversity Certificate Program. But what is the Diversity Certificate Program?  According to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, “The Diversity Certificate Program provides participants with a […]

“Voices of Immigration” Addresses Continuing Discrimination As Students Reveal Their Stories in Podcast Pilot

By Dionna Murray In a country where baseless hate is automatically directed at people, ideas, and cultures considered foreign, Rutgers-Camden’s newest podcast, Voices of Immigration, gets personal to address the pain and struggle of those at the brunt of such discrimination.  On February 18, 2021, co-hosts Tania Martinez and Sandra […]