Where: 225 Market St. Camden NJ 08102

Type of Cuisine: Cafe

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Delivery: No

Takeout: No

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 AM – 3 PM, Sat 7:30 AM – 1 PM, Sun Closed

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’re looking for somewhere to wind down and grab a cup of coffee and a home-baked goodie, Nuanced Cafe is the perfect place. This cozy coffee shop sits on the corner of Market and North 3rd street. The cafe offers a variety of different coffee, tea, pastries, and more. 

Owner Rosemari Hicks says she wanted to open up a place that not only sold coffee, but also connected the community. She backed up that promise by offering up the cafe’s wall space to local artists, and its counter space to local bakers.

Hicks hopes to open her cafe to another group of artists, by hosting a poetry night at her cafe soon. Poets, songwriters, and anyone else who wants to perform their art would be welcome. Again, Hicks is opening up her shop to benefit and bring the community together.

Beneath glass domes, cookies, muffins and cakes sit on white doilies, all prepared by by local bakers from throughout the community. During my stay, I had a caramel iced macchiato with a blueberry muffin and they didn’t disappoint. The coffee didn’t have a bitter taste and the muffin was  rich with flavor. There are even freshly baked bagels and fruits available if you’re not in the mood for something sweet or sugary.    

To top everything off, the ambiance is unmatched. The decor is welcoming as soon as you step into Hick’s shop. There are comfortable couches and high tables and chairs. Relaxing music plays through the speakers and the lighting is dim to help create the perfect environment for getting work done. On the walls, you’ll find a rotating art gallery, with paintings and drawings created by local artists.

One would think the coffee shop has been open for a while but it has only just recently opened. As a result of COVID, the cafe hasn’t had an official grand opening just yet. Hicks decided to follow COVID guidelines and postpone a traditional grand opening until it’s safer. Despite these disappointing circumstances, Hicks has her coffee shop open and available to the community.   

After speaking with Hicks it was clear how passionate she was about creating an environment that could potentially become the go-to place. Hicks already has a group of regulars that often visit and stop by for their daily coffee fix. The next time you’re looking for a spot to get some work done, Nuanced Cafe is open and available.