By: Amy Lopez

To celebrate Halloween, the Rutgers Camden Biology Club held its annual ‘Bioloween’ event, this year going remote, and plans to follow suit with a Thanksgiving-themed event tonight.

Due to the current remote semester, the Biology Club’s October 30th gathering was held virtually through Zoom. Although held online, the fun was not limited in any sense.

In order for the event to occur, every attendee was asked to purchase a few ingredients so that they would be able to follow along with the event’s hostesses and create some spooky candy snacks. Before the snack assembly began, club members shared some scary and bizarre facts. From trivia about spider eating habits to the uses of whale vomit, there was a lot of exciting information provided to all the attendees.

How many of you knew that whale vomit (also known as Ambergris) is an ingredient found in some perfumes? Most attendees never could’ve imagined that information when it was shared.

Soon after the facts and laughter-filled discussions, it was time to make the candy creations. Using a variety of candies, chocolates, pretzels, and cookies, many of the event’s attendees were able to create an abundance of spooky oreo spiders, candy pumpkin pudding graveyards, and Reese’s Cups witches brooms. Admittedly, there was some snacking going on during the process, as many of the virtual guests were caught popping some of the candies into their mouths instead of onto their plates.

After creating a few of the suggested creatures, all attendees were asked to make their very own unique spooky snack pieces of art. While putting together some amazing snack creatures, everyone in the online call participated in sharing ghost stories and paranormal occurrences they’d experienced. Even though everyone was in separate locations, the shared laughter and stories helped lessen the distance.  Every minute of Bioloween felt almost like when students attended similar events on campus and in-person.

The event closed with a showcase of yummy creations from everyone who participated and screenshots to remember the fun. The Biology Club is certainly amazing for holding this event and not allowing current circumstances to stop a yearly tradition. 

Keep an eye out for the Biology Club’s next seasonal themed event being held tonight at 6 pm entitled, “DIY Self Care Event.” The purpose of this event is to help students unwind before the long weekend as they prepare for the coming finals season. Click this link to view details on how to attend: Biology Club’s “DIY Self-Care” Event – Tonight at 6pm!

The finished product!