By Arielle Champion

I run an apparel business that includes loungewear and all things comfortable. Using bleach, I hand-dye hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and more. I also sell keychains and include free stickers in each order. 

When I first started my clothing business, Apparel by Arielle I simply posted pictures of my products on Instagram and that was it. I didn’t have a real plan. My business page had a total of 55 followers which mainly consisted of friends and family. After a while, I started to realize that I needed a bigger audience if I truly wanted to take the whole business thing seriously.

With months of thorough research, I can now say my business is thriving and still continuing to grow. Seven months later and my small business has a following of 1,487 people and the numbers increase weekly. Not only is my Instagram page thriving but my website as well. 

This sudden growth for my business didn’t happen on its own. There were multiple things I did to help my business become successful at a consistent pace. Some of this included using social media to the fullest, creating an aesthetic, and designing a theme for my brand.

Entrepreneur and Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Paul E. Adams, says, “Successful entrepreneurs that understand the importance of developing a theme usually have clear objectives to aim for – and clear objectives mean a better chance of success.”


Color and Themes

When starting a business whether it’s for clothing, jewelry, baking, etc, there needs to be a consistent theme. Creating this will help your audience and customers recognize you automatically. This means, choosing at least 2-3 colors and fonts you’ll use for posts and ads. Typically, the colors and fonts used in your logo should be the ones used for everything else.

When too many colors and fonts are used it can make a business appear unorganized and unappealing. A social media page or website is usually the first thing a customer sees. If it’s visually unappealing they’re more likely to turn away and become less interested.


Social Media Outreach

Social media is such a great tool for any kind of business. It has the power to reach thousands and even millions if used correctly. Facebook and Instagram are some of the most powerful platforms to help your business grow.


The first thing to do is create a Facebook business page. Instagram and Facebook are connected and to open up a shop on these platforms and create ads, a Facebook account is needed. A Facebook page serves as the home base, It should have your website and Instagram link, as well as any other platform used for your business. This will allow easy access to your business as a whole.

The Cover Photo

Adding a cover photo that captures your entire brand is important; this photo is the biggest on the page and it will be the first thing your audience sees. The profile picture should always be your logo, This helps your audience to become familiar with your brand.

Once a Facebook page is created, it’s best to create an Instagram account, and if you already have one, great. Instagram works as a collage and look book for your business. It’s important to upload videos and photos that perfectly capture and advertise your brand.


To make your Instagram look even better, it’s best to try uploading corresponding posts. Using a combination of product and customer posts will help your Instagram page look professional. Whether it’s a picture of clothes folded a certain way or someone doing daily tasks while wearing your products, make sure it gets uploaded to Instagram. 

Introducing Yourself

The last important step is adding a bio. With an Instagram bio, you want it to be short and precise that only includes the most important details. If long paragraphs are used in an Instagram bio, most will not read any further.  It’s best to keep the extra details for your website.

With a consistent theme, a resourceful Facebook page, and a visually appealing Instagram page, your business will have the potential to grow. Customers will be instantly drawn to your business and your audience will increase at a quicker pace.