By: Gia Lukaitis

With summer just around the corner, there is finally time to relax and really sink into a good book. Picking the right book can be a hard process To help out with that process here are 5 books that I 100% recommend and would read again.

The Last Thing He Told Me: By Laura Dave  

This book takes a complete turn from what the title makes it seem to be. The book had me on my toes having no idea what would come next. It is a beautiful story between a stepmother and daughter. It is not too hard of a read which makes it a good book for people just getting into reading.

They Both Die At The End: By Adam Silvera 

An absolute tear-jerker if you need a good cry. This book talks about a couple’s last day together, as the title can already tell you how this story ends. It really makes you value the people that you have in your life, and makes you realize that nothing lasts forever. They have such a deep connection for their final day together that makes it hard to finish the book knowing how it will end up.

Between Shades of Gray: By Ruta Sepetyas 

I read this book about 5 years ago and still to this day think about it consistently. The story is based on the holocaust and speaks about the troubles of a young girl being separated from her family. She risks her life to try and get in contact with her father, creating a suspenseful story. This book is beautifully written and a painful reminder of what people have been through.

An Abundance of Katherines: By John Green 

It is hard to find a bad book from John Green. This book is about a boy whose exes are all named Katherine, and they always seem to break up with him. He and his best friend take a road trip after high school which leads to a very enjoyable high-energy book. 

The Song of Achilles: By Madeline Miller 

Set in the Greek heroic age, this book definitely gave me Game of Thrones, type of vibes. Torn between love and Patroclus is forced to follow into war, without knowing that what will follow him will put at risk everything he honors. He is forced to surrender his friend to the hands of Fate.