By Arielle Champion

Each week we are going to highlight a local restaurant.

Where: 400 Rt. 38 East, Moorestown Mall

Type of Cuisine: Gastropub Fare

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Delivery: No

Curbside Pick up: Yes

Phone: 856-722-5620

When looking for a mix of foods from all around the globe and relaxing vibes, Yard House is the place to be. This popular restaurant brings a lot to the table, literally.

Located in Moorestown, New Jersey, and attached to the Moorestown Mall, Yard House is a well-known area restaurant and part of a nationwide chain. Only about 18 minutes and 9 miles away from campus, it’s a great destination for lunch or dinner. 


The restaurant now allows indoor seating, however, if you’re not comfortable with that just yet, they also offer beautiful outdoor seating as well as curbside pickup. With the tables appropriately spaced out, it is a safe destination to grab a good meal. Not to mention, the great prices. Even if you don’t feel like eating there you can go on their website ( and pick your order up at the restaurant.


Yard House’s menu includes a large variety of different ethnic and American bistro dishes.Whatever you’re in the mood for, they’ve got it. Whether it’s Mexican, Italian, or even just traditional American comfort food, it’s all on the menu. 


After dining in their outdoor seating and trying some of their popular dishes, we have the scoop on some of the best tasting foods they offer.


If you have a desire for Mexican, their poke nachos are the way to go. The nachos are marinated with raw ahi, avocado, cilantro, serranos, green onions, nori, sesame seeds, sweet soy, sriracha aioli, white truffle sauce, and wrapped in crispy wontons, unlike your typical nachos, these burst with an abundance of flavor. With such an overwhelming amount of flavors, all of your tastebuds will definitely be satisfied.


If you’re itching for red sauce and mozzarella, Yard House has an amazing selection of pizzas. They have a Margherita pizza served with fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, and fresh basil. They also make a great pepperoni and mushroom pizza with tomato sauce, crimini mushrooms, and of course, fresh mozzarella.


Now if your stomach is craving some traditional American food, they offer entrees such as a BBQ bacon cheddar cheeseburger, a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, and even chicken wings. All of which will most definitely satisfy your taste buds.


On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a more ocean taste, they serve jambalaya with a slight twist. Their spicy jambalaya is a grand mix of blackened shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, peppers, crawfish, and cajun cream sauce. To squeeze in another great seafood entree, they make a crispy and delicious coconut shrimp served with sweet chili sauce. The restaurant also offers a limited selection of vegetarian dishes.


The next time you and your friends are trying to decide where to grab some grub, Yard House should enter the conversation. From its stunning outdoor seating to its enormous selection of food, your meal at Yard House will be worth it.