By Eliana Puschett

In recent years, traditional media has been undergoing a period of great transition. Streaming websites have replaced DVDs and VHS tapes. Spotify and Apple Music have replaced purchasing songs, CDs and cassettes. The world of media is continuously changing, and thus so is the way that we deliver the news.

With that said, The Gleaner, Rutgers University–Camden’s newspaper for over half of a century, has decided to make some major changes. With these changes, we hope to not only grow and flourish, but most importantly, benefit you, the campus community.

Currently, The Gleaner staff is working to completely rebrand the newspaper. We are keeping the historical value of The Gleaner yet advancing into a more modernized media. This newsletter is the first example of that, which is only a taste of what is to come this spring. The Gleaner staff is working hard to make accessing news easier and more enjoyable for the campus community.

We are planning on achieving the relaunching The Gleaner by next semester. Some sneak peeks of this include a platform website, a printed magazine, a renovated office space, merchandise, events, and more.

In the meantime, we are seeking anyone interested in contributing to The Gleaner, and we are encouraging everyone to keep an eye out for the rebirth of your campus media outlet in the near future.

Personally, I am very excited to make this change with all of you, and The Gleaner appreciates your support throughout the years.

Eliana Puschett