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In a world where music is always changing, there is one up and coming artist that is excelling by keeping things old school. Kandace Springs is a singer, pianist, and songwriter who has a unique style to her. Her music has an old school hip hop vibe combined with a classic soul feel to it. The Tennessee native is not only talented with music but she is also has a thing for modeling and fashion. She is a true up and coming talent in terms of her musical ability and her style. Kandace is down to earth with her personality and is someone who also is a beauty to many including many staff members from The Gleaner. Kandace is apart of the Verge Campus tour along with many other artist such as  Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, Sweater Beats and many more. The main focus of the tour is to connect college students of the current generation with top, rising, new artist; as well as connect them with leading brands and non-profit initiatives. A huge  college lifestyle music festival which occurs twice a year as the tour travels to college campuses all over. The tour’s next stop is at Rutgers University New Brunswick on October 10th . For other dates and tour locations check out the verge campus tours website! The Gleaner has had the chance to interview Kandace on her music, background, experience on the tour so far, her recent debut self titled EP and much more. Here is what she had to say:



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Tell me about your childhood experience such as background on yourself and family.

I grew up in Nashville TN. My father is black and my mother is white so I got to get the best of both worlds. I have two younger sisters that sing and play as well :) My father is a professional session singer in nashville and has been a huge inspiration on me as far as chasing my musical dream and introducing me to my influences such as Bille Holliday, Nina Simone, Sade, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu :)

When did you first decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music? Was it when you were a young child or later on when you were in high school?

I started playing piano when I was 10 years old. A friend of ours fell on hard times and needed to store her vintage upright piano so we took it in and I started picking around on it. My dad soon after got me lessons with the Wooten brothers, they taught me lots of jazz and soul stuff and I began singing and writing at 13. Dad gave me a Norah Jones CD (I’m now her label mate yay!) lol I learned The Nearness of You and did my first piano vocal performance when I was 14 at a music camp in TN. I then realized this is what I wanted to do!

Do you still stay around your hometown to make your music or have you’ve been traveling a lot to get work done concerning your music?

I’ve recorded many times in Nashville but most of the time record in NYC, LA, or Philly :) worked with lots of producers Pop, Oak, Flip, and Steve-who produced Usher and Alicia Keys Dre Harris who produced Jill Scott Stevie Wonder Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken who developed and signed Rihanna

Was it tough trying to get a record deal? For many people who get into the music industry it takes years of networking and pushing themselves. Was it the same way for you or did things turn out differently?

I signed with the production label SRP records a few years ago with Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken and about a year ago I got to audition and play some songs for Don Was the president of Blue Note records and he signed me that day!  We were so thrilled ! :)

I am aware that you know how to play the piano. What other instruments do you play?

I play the piano and the Rhodes piano ! Love the warm soulful tone of the rhodes

Many artist are active on social media with their followers/fans. Do you interact the similar way? (Ask how they feel about your music? Show them progress on your future projects? Etc.)

I’m very active on social media and love interacting with my followers, posting updates of my developing career and also encouraging them to follow their dreams.

I am aware that you’ve been a part of the fall 2014 tour called The Verge. How has the tour treated you so far? Has it been fun working and being around other artist? Also, Out of the places you’ve performed at so far on the tour, which campus has been your favorite place to perform so far and why? Which campus are you most looking forward to performing at and why?

I’m so excited for the Chance the Rapper dates :) !! I’ve only done UCLA so far and have Rutgers and Skidmore coming up next week! I’m excited for them all!! Also opening for Ne Yo right after! All the artists I’ve worked with have been so cool and down to earth people!

Give me some information about your self-tilted EP which debuted not too long ago!


The EP release sept 30th! Very excited and got a nice review from Huff Post on it this weekend!

It has 4 dope songs all with a classic soul meets classic hip hop jazzy feel!

Love Got in The Way

Meet Me in The Sky

West Coast

Forbidden Fruit



Do you have any goals you want to accomplish during your music career?

my goal and dream is to keep soul music alive for the next generations to come :) I want to move people and inspire more soul artists and of all genres to get their music out there for the world to hear and appreciate.



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