Sitting Down With New Politics

New Politics at Winter Jam 2014. All photo credits to Mitch Larson.

New Politics at Winter Jam 2014. All photo credits to Mitch Larson.


Last month, the band New Politics played a set at the hugely popular Firefly Music Festival, which The Gleaner was proud to cover. Our first article covering Firefly Music Festival is on the band New Politics. The band hails from Denmark and are the musicians behind the hit songs “Harlem” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Last year the band released their second album: A Bad Girl In Harlem, which was both a critical and commercial success. With their great songs and high energy performances, New Politics are definitely a band on a rise!

The Gleaner had the pleasure of being able to catch up with New Politics shortly after the festival and here is what the band had to say:

1.) Seeing as you’re from Denmark how does that influence your style of music as opposed to an American band?
In Denmark we grew up with a lot of different styles of music from punk grunge, electro to pop/rock music. I think traditionally Scandinavian music is very melodic driven and inspired by northern folk music. So I feel we got music from the American/English rock/pop culture while holding on to our Scandinavian roots.
2.) What bands have influenced your music?
Influence comes and goes or rather grows with you and becomes your reflection or interpretation of the experience or thing that had aspired you in the first place. I think our first album was heavily inspired by the 90’s RATM, Weezer, Beastie Boys and Nirvana to name a few. A Bad Girl in Harlem was less inspired by other bands but more inspired by our move to the USA and all the change that came along with it, culture shock, and missing home but also falling in love with the change.
3.) The first time I saw you guys play was at Radio 104.5′ Winter Jam this past January. On stage you all have this crazy chemistry and energy, I’m just curious what do you guys do before a show to get so ready and psyched?
We just let go of everything and take the moment in all it’s emotion and want the whole crowd with us as one unit lost in time for a period we share together.
Photo credit to Mitch Larson

Photo credit to Mitch Larson


4.) What are the differences between playing at an event like Winter Jam, versus playing something as huge as Firefly Music Festival?
Not much besides the weather.
5.) Your latest album Bad Girl in Harlem was very successful, and the single “Harlem” even peaked at number 4 on the US Alternative Charts. What does the success of the album and the single mean to you as a band?
It means everything so far to us, we have been honest with our music and poured our all into it and in return we have built an incredible fan base and the acknowledgement of playing sold out shows and amazing festivals etc. is the pay off which is all we live for: our fans, writing music, and touring live shows.
6.)What was the inspiration behind Harlem?
A girl I met and a hard place in my life. It was like a romantic adventure in Harlem.
7.) “Bad Girl in Harlem” was very diverse in its sound, it wasn’t like it was strictly a pop, rock or punk album, but rather a combination of the three. Going forward how is the sound of the band evolving and where do you see it going?
I think we as a band are inspired by music foremost and genre secondly, our influences are punk rock electro and pop so those elements will always be in our music. And we hopefully will develop in many more ways which shouldn’t be a problem for us as we are such music lovers for anything that touches our soul and heart.
8.) You’ve opened for a lot of pretty high profile bands including Fall Out Boy and even P!nk. Pretty soon you’ll be touring with both Paramore and Fall Out Boy. What is it like touring with these bands, and what do you take away musically from this experience?
It’s so inspiring and we’ve been lucky and blessed. It’s awesome that in meeting all these experienced stars,  you learn that they’re so kind and sweet and you get a first hand lesson in what it will take for you to take your music to the next level and most of all you see it is possible if you believe and work for it!
9.) Any chance we will see some new music soon?
Yes we are writing non stop and are so inspired with everything that’s been happening for us and have so much to share and sing about. We’re hoping to release new songs by fall 2014!
Stay tuned for more of The Gleaner’s coverage of Firefly Music Festival 2014, as well as for more interviews with bands and coverage of more great music!
New Politics will be in Philly to play a show on November 29, at the TLA!

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