To the Yarn-bomber, With Love


Our campus has been a victim of a yarn-bombing. No, not the whole campus; although, that would be a sight to see! More specifically, a tree in the Quad area has been yarn-bombed!

What is a yarn-bombing? It is when someone knits a cover for a specific object. A famous yarn-bombing happened when the Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum was dressed in a knitted pink sweater that read, “Go see the art”. For the tree on our campus, being yarn-bombed means it was wrapped in a rainbow cozy.

What is the purpose of yarn-bombing? To make a statement.

In Rocky’s case, it was a plea for visitors to the museum to actually go into the museum to see the art, instead of just visiting the infamous statue. But, what does yarn-bombing of the tree on our campus say?

I am assuming that the intended message is in support of the LGBTQ community since the rainbow is one of their symbols. Or, maybe it was designed by a hippie, since the rainbow is literally hugging a tree (I am going out on a limb here).

Personally, I believe the bigger picture of it is to encourage acceptance and community at the Rutgers-Camden campus. We are a diverse campus, but what makes us unique is our ability to retain our individualism while coming together as members of the Rutgers-Camden community.

As a fellow knitter, when I saw the tree, I felt a sense of awe. Awe that someone had devoted many hours of her life to knitting the rainbow banner that she sewed onto the tree. Looking at the banner, I would estimate that at least 50 hours went into the construction of the rainbow, not including the time it took to sew the banner around the tree. In a day and age where people can share their voice across many venues in a matter of seconds, it is refreshing to see such a well thought out message.

The tree being yarn-bombed is a bigger message than someone knitting a rainbow and sewing it onto a tree. It displays the bomber’s passion, dedication and perseverance. What makes a real impact is the message that the viewer leaves with. When I first saw the tree, all I could do was smile. It was a welcome, happy interruption from my thoughts on an early Monday morning.

Every time I pass it now, a smile is in full effect. That tree reminds me that even in the midst of the storm of being a college student near the end of a semester entrenched in projects and finals, there will be something remarkably beautiful at the end of it.

Yarn-bomber, I applaud you for using your voice in such a creative way.You are an inspiration. Thank you for giving me and countless others a smile every time we walk by that tree.



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