This page presents photos, videos and short stories that focus specifically on positive changes, improvements and individuals who have had positive experiences in the city of Camden, NJ.  I want to explore this topic because I am genuinely interested in what people are doing to help the city out of poverty and drug abuse.  This page combines the humanities in Camden with technology.  The name is “Camden’s Confidence” because it illustrates the people behind the scenes who display the confidence and faith it takes to help make a difference.  “Camden’s Confidence” illustrates the kind hearts and generosity that the city still produces.


Sunset on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden, NJ facing Philadelphia, PA

On Thursday, April 17 a waterfront event was held in North Camden called “Camden Night Gardens” from 7-11pm.  The free festival featured local artists, musicians and a BMX presentation.  Music was used in the event and comes full circle with Camden’s history.  The purpose of the festival was to help the community feel safe outside at night and hopefully is the start of many more festivals to come.


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