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When we think of the true nature of an artist’s music, we think of music that comes from their various experiences and adventures that effected the artist in some way, shape or form and found its way onto a piece of paper in the form of lyrics. However, upon meeting one independent artist, I found out what the TRUE nature of music really was, music that truly comes from within. This independent artist is Michele Karmin, an alternative singer and songwriter whose music takes you to another stratosphere and really shows you how music can move and transcend when it truly comes from within. Music comes innately to Michele and oftentimes, her songs don’t come from any material experience or tragic situation, it comes sub-consciously and from the inner depths of her soul which makes it so remarkable and makes her the great artist that she is. Her songs aren’t quick moneymakers, in fact some of her songs take up to three or four years to date because she doesn’t think about what lyrics she wants on any particular song, the lyrics naturally come to her just like music always has.

When Karmin was little, her mother would put shows together at home and constantly practice and rehearse different melodies over various instrumentals. Michele would soak it all in, humming the different melodies and racing home after school when nobody was there, plugging in the microphone and singing the melodies that her mom would sing. She would always hear these different melodies in her head and as she got older, she would start to develop new melodies and sing and record them over blank tapes. This is how she first began to write. She thought of these private recording sessions as a therapeutic outlet for her because she was doing what not only came natural to her, but what she truly loved to do. Soon, these tapes would accumulate to over 1,000 samples. Michele grew up loving alternative rock of the 90’s, listening to bands such as Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Her musical influence could be said to have come from her older sister, who gave her her first CD “Live Throwing Copper” and the song that introduced her to good music which was “Lightning Crashes”. Her musical childhood really allowed her to develop into the artist and person she is today.

In 2009, Michele released a few CD’s as an independent artist and taught herself how to play the piano which isn’t surprising because music comes so naturally to her. With the help of her former vocal teacher who taught her a couple chords, Michele took those chords and blended them together, writing melodies over these different chords and transitions, creating her own music. She called this “the most creative time of her life” because she was just able to create and the melodies and the music flowed out of her as she experimented with different sounds and found what worked for her. It was her writing her own music that taught her how to play the piano and her passion helped her put everything together because she was so dedicated to her craft and she used the synergy that she gets from music in order to create the music that makes her special and unique.

This synergy is what helped her create and release her debut album, “Let Me Introduce Myself…Again” in 2012. Her title track, “Let Me Choose Myself…Again” actually came into fruition around the time she was teaching herself the piano. At the time, she had a cist on her vocal chords which caused her to be silent for seven days and during that week, she would begin to develop songs in her head as she learned and experimented with the new chords that she was learning. Now, when she was able to sing again, she recorded the song over the chords she had created and the song would become the title track to the debut album. The song was really special to her because it came so sub-consciously and it allowed for everything in her life to reshape itself and start over on a personal level. The rest of the album was based on her sub-consciously creating different songs that seemed to come from nowhere, but have a significant importance and message that allowed her to be happy and feel good about everything that was happening.

Michele performs a lot of her songs from the album during her live shows which she takes extreme pride in. Her live shows are a spiritual experience and channel for her music to truly take shape and inspire. She feeds off of the energy of the audience because without them, the music doesn’t have the impact that it is meant to have. She views each show as a totally new and fresh experience and each is special in its own way because the rapport with the audience is different and it makes the experience that much more meaningful. The ability to spiritually connect and take her audience to a different place is what drives her live shows and why she loves them much more than recording. Her live shows give her the ability to create and establish a connection with the people that love her music the most. You can see Michele perform live on Wednesday April 16th at Seasons 52 in Cherry Hill from 6-9 pm, Saturday April 19th at The Cove at Harrah’s Casino and Resort in Chester, PA from 7:30- 9 pm and other dates which you can check out by logging on to

Not only is Michele a great musical talent, but she also dabbles in the acting and modeling world as well, snagging a role in the hit movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” as the beautiful neighbor of Larry working in the garden and appearing on TV in the hit show “Making the Band 2” and “Ed”. She has also appeared in an Arby’s commercial and had an audition for a Miller Lite Super Bowl Commercial. Acting and modeling were more of a hobby for Michele as it was another way for her to recreate and channel and it shows her versatility as an entertainer.

In the future, Michele plans to keep her music career going, continuing to innately create great music in order to fully express herself and captivate her audience and her fans. Her motto in life is to “keep going and growing” and her keys to being successful are prayer, passion, patience, persistence, perseverance, and practice. She is also looking to launch her new Michele Karmin App at the end of April that allows her fans and audience to request songs during her live shows and allows them to interact with her on a daily basis. She believes that interaction and synergy with her audience is vital in her music making and allows her to be the artist that she is and will allow her to inspire many people to stay true to themselves and do what they love. Michele Karmin is a name that we all should remember, follow and expect huge things from in the future.


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