The Asian Cultural Society hosts Karaoke Night


On April 2nd 2014, The Asian Cultural Society hosted their version of a karaoke night. A karaoke night is an event where students receive the opportunity to sing to their peers. The objective of the event was to have fun and enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

The event started with Asian food and bubble tea being served to the attendees of the event. While the crowed ate their food they were also forced to be patient as they waited for their first brave performer to emerge.

The first performance of the night consisted of a duet between Brandon Quiles and Ofure Oboh. The two started the show and their performance is what set the bar for the rest of the night.

After a few more performances, Ofure Oboh, Aisha Dorley, and David Magazzo all performed in front of the attendees together.

Though it appeared as though many of the attendees were reluctant to sing in front of a large group, A few students still garnered the courage to sing in front of their peers.

Current member and co-founder of the Asian Cultural Society, Tommy Xu expressed his opinion about the event by saying, “The event was not bad. It was a pretty good turnout.” He continued to express his opinion by saying “As long as people enjoy themselves that is all that matters.

As the attendees left, and as the fire behind the passion that was driving the event diminished, the attendees sat, talked, and enjoyed the atmosphere.

In an interview with Asian Cultural Society president Apollo Entice, he said, I think that this event went well. When asked how he can improve the event, Entice critiqued, “one of our biggest problems, and a problem that we had again for this event is advertising.” If we can get more people to our events it could be a great thing.” Entice continued.

The Asian Culture Society’s version of Karaoke Night was an event, that put a spin on Rutgers-Camden’s cultural norms that are not seen often.


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