Raptor Report: Week of 04/1


Senator In The City: My favorite Senator, Cory Booker, was in Camden on March 14th hosting a Small Business Roundtable Event. Mayor Redd introduced the Senator, who went on to discuss the importance of small business here in Camden. The event was for Minority Small Business Owners and all of that was great, but also Cory Booker retweeted the Gleaner’s tweet. So, on behalf of The Gleaner, we loved the event.

Louder Than A Bomb: Rutgers Camden hosted a poetry slam, “Louder Than A Bomb”, last Saturday and it was “the bomb”. Students from: The Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, Collingswood High School, LEAP Academy University Charter School, Gloucester City High School, Pyne Poynt Middle School, and Cooper B. Hatch Family School shared poetry about living, growing and learning. It was so amazing to see children of all ages being able to so eloquently and effectively speak about their lives. What an amazing opportunity for the students, but what an even more amazing opportunity for those of us watching. Looking forward to next year and kudos to all involved in this amazing event!

Shhhh It’s A Library: I am so confused by what is going on in the library on a daily/constant basis. The constant level of volume boggles my mind. I do understand that this campus provides a restricted amount of space for students to fraternize, but can we all agree that the library is not a suitable alternative to the campus center. Let us, as a student body, try to make sure that phone calls to your aunt, discussions about your rude classmates, and general racket is taken elsewhere. Honestly, Shhhhhutup it’s a library.

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