The Illusion of Time


Time is the most precious commodity we have. Each of us has a particular amount of time to live, unbeknownst to us, that ticks second by second. Our designated time is unknown, but it does not require acknowledgement, and so to waste even a moment is so easy, and yet so bad.

The uncertainty of the time we do have coupled with the mindset that we are young and invincible is dangerous. We millennials have traded the valiant Carpe Diem for the reckless YOLO and I’m worried about it. This shift says to me we have gone from seizing the day to squandering it.

Every day, like clockwork, pun intended, we have a 24 hour days. There are endless possibilities with that many hours in a day, which has a restriction in the world with that many hours a day?

Shall we take a minute to put those 24 hours into perspective? Subtract eight hours for sleep right off the bat. You have a job and you take classes? That’s another major chunk out of our 24. Factor in the time spent on daily activities like showering, eating and traveling and we are burning daylight. A few minutes here and there for smaller indulgences like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will chip away your time.

So if you went to class, took a shower and browsed Instagram you’re not working with much left in your day. Our free time per day is so depleted that how we choose to spend our remaining time starts to matter even more.

Many of us are at a pivotal point in our lives and what we choose to do in our twenties will lay the foundation for the rest of our lives. This is our time and we need to spend it defining who we are as individuals and set ourselves up to accomplish what we want in life. There is a time for fun and leisurely activities, but that time must be balanced with pursuing our dreams and ambitions.

Time is ours, but it is fleeting. No one wants a mediocre existence, so we must use our time to develop ourselves beyond what we think we are capable of. We are here at Rutgers because we want a better future, so let’s seize this opportunity.

Does anyone really have "free time"?

Does anyone really have “free time”?


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