SGA Meeting 2/24/14


The Student Governing Association (SGA) met on February 24th, 2014 to conduct a regular meeting.

Ravi Trivedi, Vice-President, chaired the meeting and also filled in as secretary due to the absences of President Brandon Quiles and Secretary Lauren Haxter.

General Assembly Officer (GAO) Chair John Gaviola fielded questions from Mark Bodrog who stated that Gaviola needs to communicate better with the student organization reps. The GAO chair’s responsibilities include hosting meetings with student organization reps to share information.

Bodrog claimed that currently there is little to no communication at all and GAO needs to get its act together. At the time of print, GAO has not had a meeting at all this semester.

Gaviola apologized and said restructuring GAO might be something the SGA should look into.
SGA was asked by The Gleaner how students are supposed to find out about SGA matters when there is no website or emails. Trivedi responded saying the website issue has not been brought up before. Currently, they are not planning on getting a new website.

Other SGA members were quick to claim meetings are posted in REACT emails – but upon investigation their response was inaccurate.


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