NBA Talk: Top 5 Point Guards


Point guards have been named the floor generals of basketball since the day the game was
born. In the history of basketball there have been some bad point guards and some good ones.
We also have had point guards who are considered legendary such as Magic Johnson, Steve
Nash, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Oscar Robertson, Isiah Thomas, and etc. In today’s edition of
the gleaner, we take a look of the five best point guards right now based on who is actually
playing this season. This is probably the hardest list to make but here we go!

Stephen Curry – The Golden State Warriors star guard can do so much more than just
shoot triples. He gets his teammates involved and is 2nd in the league with APG (assist per
game). Making his first all-star bid this year, the sky is the limit for this young player and GS
coach Mark Jackson has said that Curry will only get better. That is if his paper tissue ankles can
remain fine. #SplashBros.
Kyrie Irving – Kyrie has seen progression now that he is in his junior year of NBA
action. He was recently named the all-star game MVP of 2014 due to his 31 points and 14
assists. He will continue to ascend however he must stay consistent. Great point guards perform night in and night out and I’ve seen games where he’ll post up numbers like 27/12/6, go 33/9/9
the next, and then end up shooting 3-14 from the field the next. I believe he’ll become more
consistent as time goes but he unfortunately plays for Cleveland and only god knows what will
Damien Lillard – Although he needs to pass the ball more than he has been lately, he
continues to score with ease. His jumper is deadly and is able to pick up the scoring slack
whenever LeMarcus Aldridge is not playing. In terms of scoring around the basket, he has been
finishing more lately too. He had a busy weekend in New Orleans during the break, participating
in nearly all the events that weekend which shows that he is as versatile as they come.
Tony Parker – Tony Parker is not as flashy as other point guards but he finds a way to get
the job done. The French floor general at one point was shooting 57% from the field and thrives
off of the pick and roll. Let’s not also forget that he was causing Miami some trouble in the finals
last season and just because he players for a quiet basketball organization, he is arguably top 3 of
all NBA point guards. It is too bad that he is having some injury issues as of late. Still played
during the all-star game but will miss time in the foreseeable future coach Greg Popovich says.
Chris Paul – The best point guard in the game today. There is nobody you can put ahead
of him in terms of true talent at the position. He is leading the league with over 11 APG, a savvy
defender, has intangibles of wanting to win, and can orchestrate an offense. CP3 is no nonsense
and has been one of the centerpieces to the clippers success. Big men like DeAndre Jordan &
Blake Griffin have to be happy when CP3 feed them the ball. Speaking of intangibles, CP3
probably has had his influence run off on his teammates as a team who once were mediocre on
defense now are playing great defense and Paul along with Doc Rivers are loving it. They are
contenders in the competitive western conference and look to deliver this season.
Honorable mention: Russell Westbrook (just came back from knee surgery), Rajon
Rondo (Recently came back from ACL recovery; being eased back in), Mike Conley (Lillard’s
recent credentials beat him, can defend and pass better though), Derrick Rose (we all know what
happened), Ricky Rubio, Michael Carter-Williams, John Wall, Ty Lawson, Kyle Lowry, Isaiah
Thomas, Goran Dragic.


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