Raptor Report: Week of 02/03/13


PATCO has let me down again (brace yourself, this is only one of many complaints). Last Wednesday I was on a PATCO train that was on fire. I don’t mean that in the metaphorical way. Really, really on fire. I smelled the smoke long before the driver, apparently. We were kicked off the train with no refund and no information. Luckily, the PATCO webpage didn’t update riders about any schedule changes. Thanks a lot PATCO.

Record snowfall this week and Rutgers let me know about the campus closing before I left the
house. Cheers to not having to schlep through the snow only to find out that classes were

Rep. Michael Grimm is caught on camera bullying a reporter. He tells the reporter “You’re not man enough. I will break you in half”. Congratulations Rep. Grimm, way to make a Congress with a 9% approval rating look bad.

ANOTHER PATCO train catches on fire today. Two trains on fire in the last two weeks?! Isn’t this a problem?! Oh how I wish I didn’t need you, PATCO.

On my last PATCO evacuation, I had the pleasure of meeting 82-year-old Frank. Through our hour long conversation I learned that age is little more than a number and that a kind heart and a nice smile can serve you well into your years.

Here’s to all the world class athletes of all colors, nationalities, and sexuality who are competing in the Winter Olympics. Despite being confronted with hostility and ignorance, these athletes find a way to persevere and represent us well.


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