Raptor Report: Week of 1/20/2014


Here’s to Justin Bieber getting arrested. The bad part: he was barely in jail (damn that overcrowding) and I had to hear about him even more. If only you could press charges for someone being annoying.

The first day of classes were cancelled… Sort of. Instead of spending the day at home trying to finish the final season of Breaking Bad, I came to campus for a few hours and then had to go home in the snow. I’m still confused: why weren’t classes cancelled sooner so I didn’t have to get stuck in that commute?

My love/hate relationship with the Patco rails on. New scheduling is creating all types of problems getting from Philadelphia to New Jersey. Someone worked it out perfectly and whenever you need a ride you only have to wait 12-42 minutes. Even with this colossal commuting calamity, I would be lost without this train so I won’t be too cruel. But we are only on week two, so call me again after I miss a class.

Blackfish documentary had me very worried about the Orca population. Bonus fact: SeaWorld might be the worst place ever. Check it out on Netflix, ASAP. Seriously.

Everywhere is Frozen. Literally because of the wind-chill, but also the new animated Disney flick. Normally I do not condone Disney princess movies- they paint a not-so strong, not so independent, not so self-sufficient ideal for young girls- but this movie demonstrates the power of
sisterhood in an icy, fresh way. Way cool Disney!


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