The Best players in the NBA you have never heard of


Everyone knows who Lebron James is. Everyone knows who Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant
and Carmelo Anthony are. The world is fully aware of Russell Westbrook’s talents. What the
world is not aware of however is of the many different players who perhaps don’t get the same
kind of praise and ovation. The world is not so aware of the players with phenomenal talent who
are just not as highly publicized. The NBA is filled with talent. It’s filled with a boat load of
players that are great but just don’t garner the same kind of publicity as others who perhaps are
in bigger name cities.
Goran Dragic, point guard for the Phoenix Suns, is one of the most underrated players in
the NBA. The 6’3” guard from Slovenia can do it all. He is an underappreciated star in the NBA.
Goran Dragic, who is averaging 20.4 points and 6.1 assists a game, has elevated his play in route
to transcending the Phoenix Suns expectations for this year. Because of Goran Dragic and
various other players, the Phoenix Suns have become a formidable team in the Western
Conference. Goran Dragic has become a player that needs to stay on everyone’s watchlist.Damian Lillard is another player who perhaps has not received the kind of publicity that
he deserves. Damian Lillard, who is the phenomenal point guard out of Weber State, and the
2012-2013 rookie of the year, has become one of the best point guards in the NBA. Lillard,
though quiet in personality, lets his playing ability speak for him. With Damian Lillard leading
the charge, NBA fans have watched the Portland Trail Blazers go from a team who was
underachieving and missing the playoffs in 2013, to a team who is 3rd in the western Conference
and a serious threat to win the title.
Michael Carter-Williams, point guard for the Philadelphia Sixers, and leading rookie of
the year candidate has without a doubt proved that he deserves to have his name spoken in the
conversation of top young point guards. Michael Carter-Williams is someone who was not
expected to be the player that he is. MCW, who is tall, lean, and has a deadly jumper, not only
kills his opposition with his passing ability, but also dominates with his versatile scoring ability.
After opting to lose this season, with the help from future star Michael Carter-Williams, future
big man Nerlens Noel, and their future lottery pick, the Sixers appear as though they will be a
great team in the future.
Tony Parker quite possibly could be the most underrated player in the NBA. For someone
with 3 championships, multiple all-star game appearances, and a finals MVP award, he is far too
over shadowed by point guards such as Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and Rajon Rondo. For
someone who has led the San Antonio Spurs to the 2nd best record in the Western Conference this
year, and first last year, Tony Parker deserves to be considered as a not only a top 5 point guard
in the NBA but also a Top 10 player. The emergence of James Harden as a superstar is no secret In the NBA. But perhaps the
true secret is his teammate Chandler Parsons. The 6’9 small-forward from Florida University, is
someone who has come to be known as someone who is the total package. Chandler Parsons is a
tall, defensive player who can shoot and also play either wing position or either forward position.
Parsons is the definition of lean, long, and versatile. Parsons is average 17.0 points a game
which, in terms of skill, makes him one of the better players in the NBA.
Lance Stephenson is perhaps the one person who could repeat what James Harden did
only two short years ago. Lance Stephenson is in the shadows of Paul George and Roy Hibbert
much like how James Harden was in the shadow of both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. If
the Indiana Pacers do end up becoming the team to beat in the Eastern Conference, much of that
credit deserves to go to Lance Stephenson. Though Lance Stephenson is only averaging 14.2
points per game, he is a flat out scorer who can do it all.
NBA fans know all about the stars in the league that have sneaker deals and commercials
such as Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul. With that being said, it
is still important for the fans to be enlightened about players who do not have all of the fame.
The NBA is a league that is the best in terms of basketball skill in the world. Because of that,
everyone is the NBA has skill. Although everyone in the NBA has skill, not every player is as
appreciated as much as others. Underrated players in the NBA deserve more appreciation.


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