One More Ring- Why we love and hate Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback of all time. Notice that what was
said is the term regular season and not the best in general. Over the past two weeks it has been
hard for individuals like myself to place Peyton Manning in the top 5 overall of best QB’s in the
game of football. Maybe that was because we were caught in the moment and many can be guilty
to that. When you ask most people in the streets, they say that number 18 himself is in the top 5
possibly top 3 but definitely not the best ever. That spot for number one can go either way to Joe
Montana, John Elway, or even Manning’s “arch-rival” Tom Brady. Why exactly have others and
myself question whether Peyton is indeed top 5? Well the latest example would be Super Bowl
XLVIII. The Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos featured the number one offense vs. the
number one defense. Denver’s high octane offense being led by Manning himself is considered
the best offense in history and was favorite to take home the Vince Lombardi trophy. However,
Seattle and the 12th man had other plans (check out the smooth rhyme *winks). The Super Bowl
ended before the game was actually over. The game was so bad that the best bet was to call off
the game at halftime and have Bruno Mars and the Red hot chili peppers perform for the rest of
the night. Denver got ram-rotted by Seattle on every aspect. On Defense, the Broncos did all they
could but gave up after Percy Harvin just ran wild. Special teams got shut out. The fans got over
shadowed by Seattle’s. Pete Carroll out coached John Fox. We didn’t’ even know where Denver’s mascot was! And the offense that was considered “Legendary”, only scored a mere 8
points. Even though football is a team game, Peyton Manning had something to do with that loss.
The guys in the higher anarchy of football did not make excuses for Farve winning only 1 nor on
Dan Marino for winning none. So why should we make excuses for Peyton? With how great he
is there is no way he should have one less ring than his little brother Eli Manning. It does not
make any sense on how Peyton is 1-3 in super bowls and he has the record for most playoff
losses by a QB. With someone as great as him and the weapons he has had throughout his career
one could argue that he should have 4+ championships. Instead he has just as many as Trent
Dilfer, Joe Flacco, Russell Wilson, Joe Namath, Brad Johnson, to name a few. Not to disrespect
these QB’s but they aren’t Peyton. His rank is measured among the greats not just only on rings
but in addition to how he plays and if he can elevate his game when he really needed. As a
Peyton Manning fan, personally it would be nice for him to continue on playing and see him rise
in the ranks. As for his haters this recent Super Bowl blunder adds ammunition. Look at Tom
Brady throughout his career. He elevated him game when he didn’t always have the best
weapons available at the time where elevated your game was needed most. He did lose two
Super Bowls but at least he did not get demolished completely. That Super Bowl reminded me of
a typical WWE style beat down. Say Seattle’s Defense was like evolution and Peyton Manning
was wrestling one of the members. Remember when evolution would beat up one of the
wrestlers and then slam him through one of the tables? Or if you’re a fan of the WWE of today,
look at the faction called “The Shield” and how they slam guys through tables. Imagine Malcolm
Smith, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman taking Peyton and slamming him through a table.
That’s what it felt like when watching the Super Bowl but not only Peyton, his guys on offense
as well. Can Peyton get back to the Super Bowl? Of course. Even at 37 he looks like as if he has 4 or 5 years left. With the AFC being the weaker conference with only two real teams
contending, Peyton has a really good shot at going back. He’ll be getting a couple of guys on his
O-line back, some guys on Defense back, and some offseason moves should improve the team. It
is just that from now on we can’t just be amazed as much when Peyton plays in the regular
season. We have to question him and say; we know what you can do but when it comes January
will you rise to the occasion? Even though Peyton is a surefire hall of famer his playoff resume is
shaky at best. Although, he has gotten over the hump and won one Super Bowl, it is questionable
at best of he will ever win another one. Peyton Manning will most likely go down as one of the
best regular season quarterbacks of all time. But at the end of the day does that really matter
when he keeps falling short when it counts?


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