Dear Scarlet – Week of 9/27/10


Dear Scarlet,

Recently, I’ve taken up a yoga class after school and on days I’m not working. Although I feel amazing midway through the workout, I tend to find myself feeling guilty during the warm-up process. It’s like I’m carrying my kids and husband on my back through the first half of my routine. Why do I feel this deep guilt for taking only two hours of “me time” now and then?


Dear Stretched, Stop. Place yourself in child’s pose. Now breathe. Feels like you’re giving yourself a hug, right? You used the word “routine” and I found it very significant to your problem. It seems to me that because you’re so engrossed in the “family’s” schedule that it feels natural that your family should be the party reaping the benefits of your practice. This practice isn’t for them in the moment, but could be beneficial later and it’s perfectly okay. Okay?

I’ve always found it’s better to give less time with more quality, than more time and more zombie. Your body was melting your extra weight half way into the workout, because you were breathing and focus- ing. Don’t you need focus for all the things people are depending on you to do? Maybe it would help if you sat down together as a family and discussed how great you feel in those two hours. Ask your kids if they even like their practices and hobbies. There just may be more quality time hidden in tired routines. There may be more support and less reasons to feel guilty than you think. Now meditate on that.

– Scarlet

Dear Scarlet, My man is a technology bloodhound. If he doesn’t surf the web through lunch and find out “what’s the latest” on his stupid tech pages, then paypal it before dinner, he is worse than me without my caffeine. How do I stop this obsessive behavior? This is money we could be using for our future.

-Tech Geek’s Chick

Dear TGC, “Instant gratification” has never been taken so literally as with today’s tech addicts. You would probably get through to him faster on a Tweet. Sorry, but true. If you could get him to stop surfing while you’re eating that’d be a great start. It’s extremely rude to text, surf, or place calls during a meal or conversation with anyone. It devalues them as an “IRL”person (sorry, couldn’t help myself). If the money is both of yours, I would definitely split my account back up because there’s no way anyone would go on a shopping spree with my change.

I have many techie friends (both men and women) and they would argue that it’s a part of their business to be on top of the latest technology, or they’ll lose out at work to someone who’s faster. We all know this is a great argument. I don’t pretend to know everything (well, occasionally I do), so I will open up the conversation to our readers. If anyone would like to express their feelings on this topic, please go to The Gleaner’s new website. We would love to hear your feelings on any of the discussions found in Dear Scarlet. Why not help a fellow classmate with your speedy technology (Sorry, TGC).



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