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Tiara Deguzman| Staff Writer

I don’t think there was one person who watched the Grammy Awards and was pleased with Taylor Swift’s mediocre performance of her song “We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together” (6th grade girls not included). She bounced around stage in a bright white suit surrounded by characters and set pieces from Tim Burton’s equally mediocre Alice in Wonderland giving the watcher the impression of an out of control and very disappointing acid trip. Then, as if all of this wasn’t enough she just had to go and cause even MORE annoyance by making a personal shout out to ex boyfriend and One Direction member Harry Styles. Not only was the British accent poorly done; the gesture was incredibly immature and tactless. Seriously, Taylor. Get a grip.

This is not the first time Swift has pulled a stunt like this. Do you want to hear of more? Just look at her past songs written about other hot celebrity exes. “Back to December” was written for Jacob Black aka Taylor Lautner and is the first and only song that she admits guilt when it comes to break ups. John Mayer received two songs, Joe Jonas received two songs as well as one about his ex- girlfriend Camilla Belle (titled “Better than Revenge) and Jake Gylenhaal received the most songs at a whopping number five. One of these is the song that Swift performed at the Grammy Awards- the song with too many evers. Perhaps Swift got tired of writing songs about her exes so that is why she incorporated the British accent to let her listeners know that she actually meant Harry Styles when she wrote that song.

Many artists draw on personal experience to write songs. A great example is Sara Bareilles. She has many self-written songs that convey incredible emotional depth and pain. Songs like “Gravity”, “Between the Lines”, “Love Song” and “King of Anything” make her listeners wonder where such great thoughts about lost love and break ups come from. None of us are dumb enough to assume that her songs come from other sources that have loved and lost. They come directly from her. The only difference between her and Swift is that she would not (or has not to the present) got up onstage and publicly brought out her private life in a rabbit costume.

A Rutgers- Camden freshman made a comment about the Styles incident and is quoted as saying: “We have no sympathy for her. Taylor, you’re gorgeous and talented. Seriously, stop whining about all your break ups. Its immature.” That basically sums up my view point. Swift, stop whining about all your exes to make money. Besides the billions of tween girls worshiping at your feet the world is actually getting a little annoyed. You write well, so please use it for a good purpose and not to impersonate old British boyfriends in Alice in Wonderland garb. Your performance was nothing but commercial and though I am not a fan, its disappointing.


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