The Right Swimsuit for your Body

Don’t get frustrated trying on bathing suits that don’t flatter you’re body, try some of these tips the next time you go shopping.

Don’t get frustrated trying on bathing suits that don’t flatter you’re body, try some of these tips the next time you go shopping.

Kristina Martorano| Lifestyles Editor

Well fashion week is over and all of the new spring attire is adorning all of the stores in the mall. I went shopping last week and in every store and every store window I saw shorts, and brightly colored tank tops. Of course with the arrival of spring and summer fashion, it can only mean one thing: swimsuit shopping. Some people dread it, and some people love it. Although squeezing into a fitting room, taking off almost all of your clothes, and looking at yourself barely clothed in a poorly lit mirror, wondering why you ate that last piece of cake, isn’t my idea of a great time, there is a way to by-pass the bathing suit blues. If you shop for the right bathing suit for your body type, it will take all of those depressing, “why do I look so fat in this” ideas away. Let’s face it everybody’s body is different, so instead of trying to squeeze into a suit that doesn’t flatter you, shop for something that you know will.

If you’re an athletic shape meaning your shoulders and hips are the same length, you have long arms and long lean legs, a slight undefined waist, and smaller breast, then be sure to try a bathing suit top with a ruffled trim. The ruffles will add interest and draw the eye upward towards your amazing shoulders. Bikinis are also the best choice for an athletic body, because they break up the straight line of your body. Since you have long lean legs, try a tonga style bikini bottom. It will show off your legs and toned butt. Go wild with embellishments such as rings, frills, and jewels at the waist and bustline, or try a bold bright color. You’ll want to avoid high necklines or up and down stripes because they’ll only elongate your already lean body.

If you have a pear shaped body or are bigger on the bottom, which means the largest part of your body is around your hips, then having higher cut bottoms is a must. They will accentuate your smaller waist and make your legs look longer. If you go for the classic boy short it will cut you off in the thighs and hips which will draw the eye specifically to that area. If you are pear shaped and are on the shorter side, like myself, try a tankini. The tankini will lengthen your whole body and make you appear taller. Also if you’re pear shaped, a deep v-neck is worth a try. The plunging neck line will accentuate and show off a sexy upper body. You’ll want to avoid boy shorts and skirted bottoms at all costs because they’ll draw the eye downward and cut you off at your thighs.

If you’re apple shaped meaning you have slimmer legs and thighs, but carry most of your weight in your middle and chest than I suggest a tankini or a one-piece with ruching along the sides. The ruching will flatter your stomach and make it look slimmer. Another suggestion is a one-piece with beading or detailing on the sides. The side detailing will elongate your frame and make give you an hour-glass look. You’ll want to avoid bathing suits with color blocking because it will draw the eye straight towards your middle.

No matter what shape you may be, there is always the bust to worry about as well. If you’re smaller chested, you’ll want to try to look for bathing suits with padding or a push-up cup. They will help create a nice bust line, and most will have adjustable straps at the shoulders and around the back so you can tighten and adjust your top to your liking. If you have a smaller bust, be sure you try those cute ruffled tops, or brightly colored bandeaus. Show off in one of those triangle tops, that us busty girls could only dream of wearing.

If you’re bustier, it’s another story. You’ll need something with extra wire and support. Bikini tops with underwire are always a good find, as are halter tops. Halter tops give good support and will create some sexy cleavage. Look for a top that can tie around the back and the neck because you’ll be able to customize the fit to your body.  If you want to go for a one-piece look for something with wider straps because it will offer more support.

So the next time you go bathing suit shopping don’t get disheartened. With these tips you’ll be able to find the right bathing suit for your body, so when you go in the fitting room everything will look awesome on you.


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