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Scrub all of that winter dead skin away with the Golden Sugar Scrub

Scrub all of that winter dead skin away with the Golden Sugar Scrub

Kristina Martorano| Lifestyles Editor

Is winter leaving your skin so dry and brittle? Is your skin cracking or peeling? If so, don’t fret because you’re not alone. About 85% of people experience dry skin in the winter time, due to the weather. However, if you’re ready to say good-bye to flaky dry skin, then Bath and Body Works has the perfect product for you. It’s called Golden Sugar Scrub, and it comes in a wide variety of Bath and Body Works signature scents.

The Golden Sugar Scrub is the answer to all of your dry skin needs. It removes all of the dry dead skin on your body and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. The sugar crystals naturally exfoliate the skin and apricot and almond oils are blended in to help leave the skin looking and feeling irresistibly smooth. After just one use you’ll notice healthier skin. All you need to do is massage the scrub onto your skin, making sure to rub and exfoliate. Then rinse, and voila, all of your dry dead skin is gone.

Personally I’m not a big fan of Bath and Body Works products, although I do commend them for never testing on animals. I find many of their scents overbearing, and many of their products overpriced. I did however find the Golden Sugar Scrub useful, and the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent was light and sweet smelling. In fact vanilla is considered by most an extremely pleasant scent. It’s light and sweet, and is actually used in many fragrances today. The popularity of the vanilla scent can be attributed to the fact that it reminds many people of home or childhood, and it won’t overwhelm when worn as a perfume. So it was a nice treat to step out of the shower smelling sweet and light.

The Golden Sugar Scrub runs for $16.50 per 8 ounce tube. It has recently changed packaging to a new squeezable tube, that’s easy to use, and is no-mess. It’s important to note that the scrub that gets stuck around the opening will get dried out, so you’ll need to wipe it off before the next use. The Golden Sugar Scrub can be found in Bath and Body works everywhere and on Bath and Body Works official website.

So don’t suffer with dry, flaky, and cracked skin this winter. Give the Golden Sugar Scrub a try, and kiss dry skin good-bye.



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