Good morning! Products that will wake you up

These products will have you looking awake and ready for the day, even when you reaching for the snooze bar.

These products will have you looking awake and ready for the day, even when you reaching for the snooze bar.

Sean Quinn| Editor in Chief

Waking up for those early classes is and will forever be the worst part of our college lives. Whether you were out late the last night, or if you were studying the night away, the alarm clock seems to chime too early leaving you groggily getting your things together for class.

Now some people know the secret to rising early, and they always are able to put on their makeup and brush their hair ever so nicely, and make the rest of us non morning people look more and more like sacks of potatoes each day. But among our tired comrades, there are a few who have figured out tricks to make you look like a morning person even when you are always reaching for the snooze.

The first thing that should be in your arsenal, is an under eye roller that de-puffs those pesky bags that just shout, “Hey I didn’t get my 8 hours last night!” An under eye roller that has caffeine will instantly brighten and wake up your eyes. Use before you use concealer to get rid of the puffy under eye luggage so many of us suffer from. Clinique makes All about Eyes De-puff massage. If you are looking for an extra boost; leave it in your refrigerator to keep the solution extra cool.

Once you’ve gotten rid of that unwanted puffiness, you will want to partner it with a heavy duty concealer to get rid of your dark circles. Under eye circles are caused by the coloration of your blood vessels. Since these colors are blue, they need to be covered up with an orange based concealer. Using normal concealers will make the are look grey or muddy. If your heart is set on sending those circles goodbye, Benefit’s erase paste is exactly what you need. It comes in a multitude of color and is highly pigmented for your circle hiding needs.

What really sets apart the morning from the late sleepers is their crowning glory. Some have the audacity to actually get up an hour earlier to clean and style their hair. That is precious time that we could be snoozing so to make sure that we have the same lush to our locks, wonderful scientist have come up with formulas of dry shampoo that will not only make your hair less greasy and presentable, but also clean it as well. Companies like Suave, Alder New York, and Ojon have their own formulas for a variety of prices. Finding the one that is right for your hair will be crucial to stack up to those big morning dogs.

Again your hair needs to be styled, and quickly at that. Thankfully this winter the messy bun has made a huge impact trending everywhere. A high place top knot secured with an elastic and pins is all one needs to look put together. The internet is filled with tutorials on how to achieve this top notch, top knot and at the click of your mouse, you too can have the know how to up your do.

Everyone knows the trick about using white eyeliner and bright high lighter around the eyes to make them look more open, bigger, and awake. But many didn’t realize that if you suffer from red eyes that so many of us, when tired, do; you should use an eyeliner that is nude colored to offset it. Using it on the lower lash line will make your eyes look more bright even when you have those blood shot eyes that are unfortunately partnered with sleep deprivation.

Many products now a days like Clean and Clear and Ponds are using citrus and mint infused products to literally wake you up. While you can splash cold water on your face, using Ponds face wipes which are specifically made for this sort of thing, are designed with you in mind. They will wake you up with a tingly and bright face. Nothing better than that before you can get to your morning coffee.

When applying makeup, it is important to remember that dark makeup can highlight those areas that make you look extra tired. Bright, light, and natural are your key words in this situation. When late sleepers wake earlier than noon, or even later than that, many of us have a zombie, grey, or ghostly completion. Like our blood has not visited our cheeks in a decade. To combat this, use a blush in a bright rosy color. Bronzer is too dark when dealing with complexion. Save that for the weekends when you rise at four in the afternoon.

Other things to remember are that we are what we eat, and eating that double cheese pepperoni pizza at 3 am was not, and will never be good for your next morning. Also, if you eat to close to bedtime, that food will build up instead of being burn off and will cause you to be bloated the next morning.

Drinking water instead of soda after 3 or 4 will ensure that your body gets tired at a time that would be appropriate for someone who needs to be up at 9 in the morning.

But if you are like me and you are up all night writing for the paper, and studying for class, and watching Downton Abby on Netflix; using these tricks to wake you up will have you looking good even when you are grumpily rolling out of bed when you would rather curl up and stay in dreamland.


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