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New England covered in snow

The last weekend the Northeast was hit with a large snow storm. The storm caused several thousand power outages and has left more than an average of two feet of snow in some parts of New England. There have been 6 reported deaths due to the storm. The Boston, Massachusetts area was hit especially hard with an average of four feet of snow fall. Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, ordered a no transportation warrant last Friday, ordering people off the roads after 4 PM with penalty of fine. The drastic measures utilized in the extreme storm in the 70’s.


Bands reunite

It has been a big week for the music industry. Both My Bloody Valentine and Fall out Boy announced their comeback records. Fall out Boy has announced they will be touring and have released a new single entitled “My songs know what you did in the dark.” Fall out Boy’s tour dates are selling out quickly while My Bloody Valentine, back with their first album since their 1991 album Loveless, are utilizing their new web site as their marketplace. Their third album, MBV, is available now with cd, vinyl, and download options. Both groups have a fan base which anticipated their return, and are not disappointed.


Horse meat found in lasagna in UK

Frozen food producer is under scrutiny when horse meat was found in a lasagna sold in the United Kingdom, Sweden and France. The producer is now claiming that he is going to sue the Romanian meat producer that he says is the problem. He explains that he was under the impression that his foods were being made with French beef. The British arm of the company is considering legal actions after an early investigation suggests that it was not an accident that the beef was being mixed with horse meat. The consensus is that it is completely unacceptable.


Palestinian woman smuggles sperm

A Palestinian woman claims she got pregnant by her husband because he was able to smuggle it out from a high security Israeli prison. Dalal al-Ziben’s husband has been in prison for sixteen years for planning a deadly public bombing. Within prison, he is not allowed conjugal visits. She explained that she felt it was her right to meet with her husband and to have a family. She is not alone in this, with four other women claiming that they have smuggled their husband’s sperm out of prison. The women are very keen to talk about their children but will not divulge the information about how the sperm was smuggled.


Shri Lankan hides phone up butt

G. Siripala, serving ten years for theft, complained of severe back pain and was escorted to the hospital by armed prison officials. They rushed him into receive an x-ray for fear that he had orthopedic complications, but what the x-ray showed was that he had stashed a cell phone and two hands free kits in his rectum. The medical staff was ready to give him an operation to remove the hardware, but he asked for a minute and was able to wriggle the items out of himself. This opened Shri Lankan’s guards to the sensation sweeping prisons of phone smuggling. The prisoner explained that he had no where else to hide it.




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