Dear Scarlet – Week of 9/20/2010


Dear Scarlet,

I moved in with a guy who I knew for only two months. I am not divorced yet because my ex won’t move or sign the papers. My friends were telling me to “wait” and that it would, as always, “end badly for me.” I fell in love with this new guy because we have a lot in common. Except, this week his ex-girlfriend got him arrested for apparently breaking a restraining order because of domestic abuse. He said, “She made it up because she wanted retaliation for leaving her.” Should I give up on him because of what everyone else is saying about us? What if he really is a good guy? -Bad Luck

Dear Bad Luck,

I think your friends are right only because of what we know as fact, and that is: you move way too quick and need to slow down, especially for self-preservation issues. Every person is born with instincts, one of which is knowing your boundaries. You’re not listening to your friends. Really, you’re only hearing what you want and it could physically hurt you this time. No, I don’t think you have a jinx on you. I don’t believe your friends are witches (at least I don’t think) but to have them be “psychic” more often than not, and still have the audacity to tell you so, makes me think they do love you. You probably could’ve loved this guy in separate apartments until these issues died down a bit.

Don’t feel bad. You’re only being bashed because of love. Love is your strongest weapon it seems (so much so, sometimes you stick yourself with it by accident). Time on the other hand, is something we all have to respect as an enemy. Life can end at any moment. Take it slow or it’ll keep moving with or without you. Anything can work out if you think it through clearly enough (but being in prison or in the hospital aren’t the best times to reflect on all this).



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