Weekly Horoscopes (9/20/10)


Virgo: Finally, a job offer is coming your way. While it may not be your dream job, it will provide you with the steps to get you there in the long run.

Libra: Take more down time then you usually do; this month has held many challenges for you, and you’re starting to run ragged. Expect a drastic improvement in your home and family life this week.

Scorpio: Be ready for a whirlwind of energy! Channel it into something constructive this week. New romantic interests are on the horizon.

Sagittarius: Financial matters are finally going to start settling themselves out this week; sit down and make a budget to keep yourself on track (and shred that credit card, it’s nothing but trouble).

Capricorn: Great news is heading your way; however an impending family issue will become prevalent in the ensuing days.

Aquarius: Get a grip! Those extreme feelings and desires will only lead to trouble in the long run. Make sure you think about what you say before you speak.

Pisces: Expect a brilliant surprise from a loved one this week. Continue to look forward to, and build for, the future to make this week successful.

Aries: Expect a few complications in your work week, but don’t let this steer you off course. Help from an unexpected source will make this week take a turn for the better.

Taurus: People will be fighting for your attention; make the time for everyone you are close to. A storm is brewing.

Gemini: Look out for someone that has the potential to further your career this week. Make new routines for yourself to guarantee your success.

Cancer: Act on that sudden impulse for a new adventure… you deserve it! Now is the time to do something you’ve been afraid of in the past.

Leo: Pool resources with friends and loved ones if necessary, you’ll be pleased with the outcomes.


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