In The News [Week of 3/25/2012]


Dan Master| News and Features Editor

Romney Wins Illinois

Increasing his already substantial lead in the delegate count, Mitt Romney won the Illinois Primary last week. Exit polling suggests that Romney won in the land of Lincoln because of his economic message.


Christie says “all or nothing”

Last week Christie said “let me make something very clear: It all happens, or none of it happens. This is not a divisible plan. This is a well thought out, coordinated plan to create three centers of excellence in higher education in New Jersey” at a news conference in Hamilton, NJ.


Obamacare under attack

The Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality is in question as the Supreme Court will heard it yesterday. This follows the House of Representatives’ vote to repeal a key element of the Affordable Care Act: The Independent Payment Advisory Board.


Jobless rate improves

Last week, the national jobless rate was projected to be at an all-time low. Over the past three months the economy added 734,000 jobs, according the National Labor Department.


French Terrorist killed

Mohamed Merah, the terrorist behind the recent shootings in southern France against soldiers children and adults has been killed after being held up in his apartment. He attempted to open fire on French police with a handgun.



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