In the News [Week of 3/18/2012]


Dan Master | News & Features Editor


Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, urged the U.S and other foreign forces to immediately leave villages and move their operations to larger military bases. This announcement follows the murder of 16 Afghan civilians by 1 U.S solider.


Obama and Cameron Meet

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron met last week to discuss their country’s shared interests and to promote a strong relationship. Obama opened their joint press conference by saying that the U.S and Great Britain’s leadership in world affairs is “more important than ever.”



Volkswagen will now be entering the crossover and SUV market in an attempt to try and compete with Honda and Suzuki on the global market. The car will be called the Tiguan, and it is expected to be as affordable as the Jetta.


Shootings in France

Last Thursday, a gunman opened fire on a contingent of French paratroopers guarding a bank in Southwest France. The attack killed two and critically wounded another. This is the second attack of French soldiers in a public place in a week. Officials still do not know what caused the attacks.


Apple Stocks increase to an all-time high

Following the release of Apple’s newest version of the IPAD, the company’s stock hit the $600 mark for the first time in the company’s history. For the past 7 seasons, Apple stock has been steadily increasing.



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