Rutgers Football looks to take over the Big East


The 2010 college season is in full swing, and with that the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team is looking forward to a successful season. The Knights had a solid campaign last year, and they look to build on that and maybe even reach greater heights this 2010 season. The team has brought back a lot of its talent from last year and is posed to make yet another run this year in the Big East. They will look to avoid the trap they fell into coming into the 2008 season, when they started off with a 1-5 record. The Scarlet Knights have made a bowl game each of the last four seasons, and won each contest, including last December when they defeated Central Florida in the St. Petersburg Bowl. Thus, Rutgers remains the only major contender for New Jersey schools in Division I football.

One thing that has remained a constant is head coach Greg Schiano. He has been with the team since 2001, and even though it was a rocky start, he has helped turn this program around and into a winning team. Schiano is expecting his team to have another great season in this year. He has gained the reputation of being one of the premier coaches today, and with that he is able to get great recruits in the area.

Rutgers looks strong, but there is some stiff competition in the Big East Conference. With teams like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Connecticut, among others, it looks to be a jam packed conference filled with talent that Rutgers will look to beat. The returning champions from Cincinnati are not as potent as they were a season ago, losing two stars on offense. They have already lost their first game this season against Fresno State. Pittsburgh finished solid last season, and they have a good chance to take over the Big East. Their week one matchup was Utah, and they squeaked by with a 27-24 win. West Virginia is the favorite to win the Big East this season, already ranked 23 in the AP polls. They blew away their week one opponent, Coastal Carolina, as expected.

Rutgers clearly has some stiff competition, but they have the talent to potentially win the Big East even if they are a dark horse at best. The Knights have had success in Big East play in recent years, and that shouldn’t change just because the conference as a whole has gotten better. This will be put to the test, because along with having to play the Big East teams, Rutgers schedule is shaping up to be a mildly formidable task.

Rutgers first big test will be North Carolina, who is considered by many to be one of the best teams in the nation. The NC game will be the second home game of the season, on the Sept. 25th. If Rutgers can beat them it will go a long way in making the AP notice them, and give them a top 25 ranking. Besides the Big East matchups, the rest of the schedule is nothing scary, playing Tulane and Army.

As the Knights begin their 2010 season, it looks as though they have the talent get to yet another bowl game. As always, the fans have great expectations for them. Returning quarterback, Tom Savage, had a nice outing week 1 vs. Norfolk State. The running game is where Rutgers really shines. They have three backs, all of which have a specific role in the offense. Martinek is the every down back, Williams is for speed, and Thomas is the receiving back. The offense alone can carry this team very far.

Ever since their great season in 2006, the team has been expected to win every year. This season is no different. The 2010 Scarlet Knights have great pressure on them to produce a winning season and keep the fans cheering for them. The team must overcome the pressure and keep on winning. It’s going to be a tough season, but they are a very formidable team in their own right. As long as they stay consistent in how they play from week to week, their team will be fine, and they will have yet another winning season. Rutgers fans should be excited; it looks like it’s going to be another winning year.


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