The Raptor Report: Week of 9/13/2010


+2 Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard will appear in the season finale of Entourage.

+3 For Deepa Kulkarni chopping off the tip of her pinky and convincing doctors it would grow back, as it did.

+/- 0 For Donald Trump offering to pay 25% more than an original investor for the mosque site at ground zero. Trump thinks the site is fantastic and would end, “a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation.”

+5 For NJ officials seeking to revoke a doctor’s license for performing late-term abortions. Dr. Steven Brigham led three Voorhees, NJ women in a caravan to Maryland where he performed abortions for fetuses past 14 weeks.

+6 For NAACP president, Benjamin Jealous planning to come to speak in Cherry Hill on September 17th. Jealous plans on talking about. “Celebrating Women in NAACP: Past, Present and Future.”

+2 Britney Spears is being sued by her former body guard for sexual harassment.

+8 Rutgers-Camden receives funding for low-income, first-generation students along with ten other NJ colleges.

-5 BP is attempting to push some of the blame of the gulf Coast oil spill onto its contractors in an effort to save its image after the massive disaster. The attempt backfired and instead sparked public outrage.

-5 The end of Labor Day means the beginning of the Political campaign season, dramatically increasing the chances that the person ringing your doorbell is an underpaid teenager stumbling through a candidate’s campaign promises.

+10 In an act of common sense, Pastor Terry Jones has called off the Quran burning that sparked international outrage and threatened to put American troop’s lives in danger overseas.

Last Week’s Total: 14

This Week’s Total: 26


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  1. I think the two things on your list that are negative shouldn’t be. For the BP stuff, first off it has not really sparked public outrage since the BP stuff is over and secondly it was the contractors error. Next, What is wrong with political campaign season? Shouldn’t people be aware of what’s going on? The only way to do that is to knock door to door, send mailers, and call people. If people wanted that to stop then all we need to do is pay attention to the races. Instead everyone is too ignorant and will just vote the same way their parents did (either Repub or Dem).

  2. @Tom- First of all, I have seen plenty of public outrage over the BP thing. Maybe it’s because I go to a very, very politically active college, but it does exist. And political campaign season is just plain obnoxious. Do you think the information the door-to-door campaign workers give is unbiased and objective? Biased information is just as dangerous as ignorance- maybe even more, because it gets people fired up over things that don’t exist. I put door-to-door visits and telephone calls for campaigns on a level with telemarketing- annoying and virtually useless.
    That’s not even getting into the ridiculously nasty TV smear campaigns.
    By the way, I research issues and candidates thoroughly before I vote and vote differently than my parents, and I still hang up on campaign callers, even for the candidate for whom I intend to vote.

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