What is a Ke$ha?


I’m going to be straight forward with you today dear reader, writing this article has been both a guilty pleasure and a challenge.  As someone who rarely listens to top 40 radio stations I often find myself left clueless and befuddled when new and popular artists and songs are mentioned.  With that said I feel that I need to express both my frustration and infatuation with the enigma known as “Ke$ha”.  With songs that are gratingly irritating and insanely catchy she has exploded into the collective consciousness of America with the force of a vodka fueled glittery hurricane.  The best way to describe “Ke$ha” and her songs would be to take one part Taylor Swift, add two measures of auto-tune, a hefty helping of liquor, a pinch of glitter, a dose of Adderall, and wrap it all in an outfit that was most likely compiled from Spencer’s Gifts and various Goodwill stores.  It is nothing less than a volatile mix that will undoubtedly leave hung-over and yet craving more.

The more of her songs I hear the more I begin to question both my own taste in music and the state of the American music scene today.  As hard as I try I simple cannot explain what about “Ke$ha” I like and yet I cannot help myself when one of her auto-tuned, heavily synthesized tracks thumps over the airways.  I would never admit in open conversation that I am a fan of “Ke$ha” but like a fourteen car pileup I cannot help but feel myself drawn to the sheer spectacle of it all.  It’s not that her voice is great or that the songs are particularly well written or well produced it is simply that indescribable enigmatic X Factor that permeates her songs.  Once you hear one it invades your mind with the tenacity and fury of a rabid badger and once it is entrenched in your head it sets up shop because it would take a UN sanction to remove it.

I guess it all comes down to the concept that her songs simply make you want to go out and do some damage, both to your liver and to society in general.  It seems that “Ke$ha” isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future so I guess I will just take this one in stride and jam out with the rest of the American youth at least until the party ends or we run out of booze.


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