Better Bookstores: The Gleaner Tried It And…


Most students opt to buy their books from Amazon rather than from the Rutgers bookstore due to the Amazon’s often more discounted prices.  However, the Gleaner investigated Chegg and Better World Books and found that these sites offer even lower prices for books, a slightly cheaper and more convenient rental system than the bookstore, and the option to sell your used books more quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Like most of these websites, offers used books at cheap prices. The buyback feature allows you to sell your textbooks for about $20 less than the normal list price and those annoying random books for 1$-3$ each.  They can send you the money in a check, but will pay more for each book if you opt to go through Paypal. The company pays for shipping and they’ll donate your books to the charity of your choice (Room to Read, Books for Africa, etc).  You also have the option to donate a portion of your earned money to that charity, and they track the amount of money raised for global literacy on their website (currently around 8 million).  So far they’ve only refused one or two of the books I’ve amassed during my three years of college, but they definitely seem to prefer newer books.  If they find that they can’t use your book once it’s received, they will make sure that it is properly recycled, and their website also displays a count of how many books they’ve saved from landfills (currently around 34 million).  So they are a good option if you’re looking to get rid of a lot of books quickly, but you probably won’t earn back all the money you initially spent on the books. is great for textbook rentals; the website is easy to use, and they feature the amount of money that the site has saved students in textbook buying (currently $255 mil and growing every second).  They also claim to plant a tree every time you rent your books from their website, which is nice.  However, Chegg refused most of the ISBN’s I entered when I tried to sell/donate my books, so I would say that this website is probably better for renting than for selling.  So be sure to check out these two sites when you go to buy your books – you’ll save money, get rid of those weird anthropology books from freshman year, and make some extra cash in the process!


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