Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer announced to be new Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

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Last week President Richard L. McCormick announced that the new Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer.
Last Week President Richard L. McCormick announced that esteemed colleague Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer will be the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers Camden, the largest unit on the Camden campus. Lindenmeyer is a respected administrator in the area of higher education and scholar specializing in childhood, public policy, and social entrepreneurship. These traits of leadership, community building, and business make her an excellent candidate for the dean’s chair. President McCormick announced his pick last week at a normally scheduled meeting of the Board of Governors. The selection will be put into effect on July 11 of this year, at which time Lindenmeyer will take the part from interim dean, Dr. Michael Palis, and become the fourth person to hold the prestigious role. Read more ›

Medical internship gives students insight into work in the medical profession

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Medical internship gives students insight  into work in the medical profession
Deb Kiehlimeier, a sophomore Biology major here at RC, is taking advantage of a volunteer premed program at University of Pennsylvania where she gets a firsthand look at hospital operation in departments such as emergency and trauma. What makes this program so special is the invaluable experience she has gained by working side-by-side in medical field with UPENN professionals. Read more ›

Residence Life event shows students the impact that words can have on each other

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Residence Life event shows students the impact that words can have on each other
To illustrate how destructive language can lead to all the wrong reactions, the Rutgers Camden Office of Residence Life headed Just One Night: Words Hurt, an event that saw nearly forty students and faculty members congregating to discuss the price we pay for disrespecting others. The lecture was held 7:30 Tuesday night at the Cooper Street building. Read more ›

Students help raise funds for Japan relief with Raise Up Japan

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The people at Raise Up Japan held an art auction to help raise money for the Japanese Red Cross.
Early March of this year, Japan was hit with an earthquake and resulting tsunami that has damaged several coastal regions. The death toll is over twenty thousand people and even more are out of their homes and in shelters due to the devastating natural disaster. The images and video of the tragedy has touched many people, but no more so then Rutgers graduates Becky Lomas and Matt Robinson who have spent time in Japan studying. With their efforts they have created a fundraising event that was held last Friday in Philadelphia. All the money they raised will be going to the Japanese Red Cross. Read more ›

Challenge Day event helps students understand the difficulty of being disabled

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On Tuesday, March 29, students without disabilities were able to taste what it meant to live a life with a disability on Challenge day to be Challenged.
Instead of going into the campus center to grab a bite to eat on Tuesday, March 29, students without disabilities were able to taste what it meant to live a life unknown to them at Challenge Day to be Challenged. The Coalition for Disability Awareness (CFDA) hosted the event in front of the statue of Walt Whitman. The club, which was founded by President Darlene Hemerka in the Fall of 2010, seeks to raise awareness of the struggles an individual with a disability goes through. Tables formed a semi-circle in front of the 19th century poet. One table allowed students to participate in a Visual Challenge. The other side of the walkway contained a table for a Learning Challenge. A Physical Challenge station was closer to the Paul Robeson library. Read more ›

Julianne Baird leads students in the musical direction

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On March 23, Julianne Baird hosted a performance of the first opera written by a woman in the RC black box theatre.
On Wednesday March 23, a performance of the opera La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina was performed in the Black Box Theatre as part of the fine art department’s Mallary Concert Series. The opera was written by world renowned lyricist and performer of the Baroque era Francesca Caccini. Caccini is the first known woman who has ever composed and completed an opera. In celebration of women’s history month, Rutgers’s faculty Julianne Baird presented this piece for students, faculty, and community members. The opera was performed by students from Westchester State University who are involved in the opera music and period instrument programs. Julianne Baird instructed the singers, worked with them on their voices and helped them master the opera style of preforming. Read more ›

Premed students get invaluable experience from volunteer program

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Cooper University Hospital’s premed program gives students experiences that will benefit them in their future schooling.
Taking advantage of Cooper University Hospital’s premed program, Deb Kiehlmeier is gaining invaluable insight as to what her future holds as a physician. Read more ›

Rutgers Law Students on their way to Las Vegas

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Law students Matt Eichen, Christine Jones, Brian Stouffer, and Regina McKenna won at the recent mock trial competition, and are now on their way to Las Vegas for the finals.
Members of our very own Rutgers Camden Law School have won a regional mock-trial tournament and will head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the final leg of the competition. The competition will be four days from March 31–April 3. Read more ›

Sigma Delta Tau raises a glass to raise awareness and money for PACC

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The sisters of Sigma Delta Tau held a fundraiser at The Victor’s Pub last week to raise money and awareness for PACC.
Many look at Sororities as only one thing: sisters who party together and know what the proper names for Greek letters are, but they are so much more. The sisters of Sigma Delta Tau work very hard to produce and put on fundraisers to earn money for the philanthropy programs that they support. All sororities at Rutgers Camden participate in philanthropy and charity work. Last week Sigma Delta Tau held a fundraiser at the local bar The Victor Pub to raise money and awareness for Prevent Child Abuse America or PCAA, a program that works to helps families and children in abusive households. The event was held on Sigma Delta Tau’s National Founders Day where sisters celebrated by wearing their colors. The Victor was filled with girls wearing old blue and café au laite yellow. Read more ›

New Graduate programs help work around full-time jobs

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New Graduate programs help work around full-time jobs
Rutgers Camden School of Business has added two new professional degree programs, professional master of business administration (PMBA) and professional master of accountancy (PMAc), that are directed to professionals working towards their master’s degree. The programs target full time workers, and hope to help them get their masters degree without getting in the way of their work. The programs will be offered to in August 2011. The intent is to make juggling a full time job and a rigorous graduate education possible. That way students are able to get the graduate degree they want while they are handling the demands of working full time. Read more ›