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0 Best in Beauty: Biore deep cleansing pore strips
Kristina Martorano; Lifestyles Editor Looking for a way to unclog those pesky pores on and around your nose? You know the pores that always seem to look so big, and produce black heads. Well look no further because Biore has the perfect solution to all of your pore needs.
0 Kristina’s Kitchen: Mango Mojo with Grilled Chicken
Kristina Martorano; Lifestyles Editor Mangos are one of those super fruits that taste great and are jam-packed with vital vitamins for your body. Mangos happen to be rich in vitamin c, which gives your immune system a boost. They also contain polyphenols, which have showed great strides in fighting breast and colon cancers.
0 Get to know the Gleaner: Lifestyles Editor, Kristina Martorano
Kristina Martorano; Lifestyles Editor Buongiorno everyone! My name is Kristina Martorano and I am the Editor of the Lifestyles section. I’m currently a junior here at Rutgers Camden and a political science major with plans to go to Law school. I’m here to bring you the best in local food, travel destinations and tips, health advice, beauty products, and fashion.
0 History in our Backyard
Laura Edwards; Contributor “Are we there yet?” This question is shouted, muttered, questioned, or moaned by every child on a family vacation. Generally, our parents drag us to “historical landmarks” or a “Really, really important battlefield” that, truthfully, means very little to us at the time.
0 Restaurant of the Week: The british chip shop
Kristina Martorano; Lifestyles Editor The British are coming! Actually the British have arrived and they have made a name for themselves at the British Chip Shop in Haddonfield NJ. If you’ve never experienced British cuisine, don’t wait any longer, because a meal at the British Chip Shop is always worth trying.
0 Kristina’s Kitchen: Angel food cake macaroons
Kristina Martorano; Lifestyles Editor If you are in the mood for a light sweet snack, I have the cookie for you. Angel food macaroons are few in calories and are so simple. These little coconut filled cookies only require four ingredients and about ten minutes to make.
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