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0 “The Gang who Couldn’t Shoot Straight”: Memories from the 1960-61 basketball season
Cheers rose from the group of still-athletic looking men around the table, the five remaining members of that 1960-61 Championship basketball team: Jerry McCullough, Willie Straus, George Suleta and me, Franny Dick(son); all seniors in 1961, and Jack Volk, a junior. John “Rocky” Gianvito ‘61, a member of the breakfast group but not that year’s team, enjoyed the reaction of his old friends. Gar may have enjoyed it more than anyone, as he was the crack cub reporter for the “Atlantic City Press” who wrote that pre-game article on March 3, 1961. Both Rocky and Gar had played Rutgers basketball in other years and were Rutgers Hall of Fame baseball players.
0 Going green on campus is easily accomplished
Earth day may have been last Friday, but often times celebrating one day of being Earth-friendly doesn’t feel like enough when the scope of the environmental problems on Earth is perceivably growing every day. So then the question becomes how can a balance be struck between being a student who either lives on campus or spends most of their time in and around the campus center and being a part of the “Go Green” excitement?
0 Prep for finals early and cut down on stress
Finals are looming and while some students have everything under control when it comes to the high-pressure stakes of a three-hour test, others have either never taken a college final or haven’t quite figured out how to pass them. But here are some tips to make finals week a little less panic-stricken.
0 Start now: make move-out a breeze
In three week’s time, finals will be over and the daunting task of moving out of the Rutgers-Camden dorms will commence, leaving many students to ask themselves why on earth they thought they needed to bring every pair of shoe they had and all three extended edition DVDs of Lord of the Rings.
0 Ozone weakens over Antarctica
According to international reports, combinations of freezing conditions and dangerous chemicals have drastically affected the Earth’s ozone layer which protects us by absorbing UV-B radiation from the sun. With these dangerous contributors, the Arctic region has suffered a forty percent loss between December 21, 2010, which marks the first day of winter, and this previous March. This is up from last year’s thirty percent.
1 Khalid Sheik Mohammad to be tried in Guantanamo
After years of controversy, the Obama administration has announced that Khalid Sheik Mohammad, or as the media calls him, the “Mastermind behind the attacks on September 11, 2001”, and his four co-conspirators will be tried in front of four separate military trials at their current place of imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
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