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0 Sony enters the next generation with Playstation 4
Sony has been one of the head companies of video game consoles since the mid nineteen nineties, to the current day. They’ve mainly focused on home consoles, but even stepped into the portable market with the Playstation Portable and the Playstation Vita for instance.
0 In the News 2/12
The last weekend the Northeast was hit with a large snow storm. The storm caused several thousand power outages and has left more than an average of two feet of snow in some parts of New England.
0 The Nasty Truth about Diet Pills
We've seen the commercials, we've heard all the personal testimonies, and we've all passed by the billboards with their diet pill ads at some point in our lives. Perhaps you've even considered trying one of them.
0 Serious about Syria
The Middle East is not known for high levels of peace. It is often times overlooked as a favorable vacation spot. In the current generation’s mind, the Middle East is war-torn over different ideals people associate with.
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