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0 Taylor Swift needs a shift
I don’t think there was one person who watched the Grammy Awards and was pleased with Taylor Swift’s mediocre performance of her song “We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together” (6th grade girls not included).
0 Raptor report 2/26
-We all know Lance Armstrong is in trouble but did you know he might have to pay the federal government around 100 million dollars. Why? He doped and lied about it.
0 Do your homework; play beer-pong
My entire pre-collegiate life, I have envisioned college to be a place of immense intellectual superiority. I envisioned ivy covered buildings and people debating on whether Aristotle was the true philosophical genius we all assume him to be.
0 Dorner lurking in the Corner
Chris Dorner was not the hero we deserved. He was a murderer that resorted to violence as a final tactic to make his point. Violence is never a solution on a person to person basis.
0 Raptor Report: 2/12
-The British House of Commons approved same-sex marriage last week. What a glorious day! Now homosexuals can have the same rights as heterosexuals; the right to make each other miserable and unhappy.
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