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0 Game Day Live: Rutger’s best kept secret
Rich Lanci; Contributor Friday’s at Rutgers Camden are typically very quiet and barren. Most students want to just get home after a long week of classes, socializing, and exams. However there is one thing that only happens on Fridays that is just as lively as any event that goes on at campus, and that is Game Day Live.
0 Van Gogh’s Life in his Paintings
He was poor and unrecognized. Cast off by critics and dismissed by contemporaries. Riddled with mental illness and possessed by his dream. Vincent Van Gogh would not live long enough to see his reputation transition from an impoverished artist to an enigmatic, avant-garde genius who would forever move the world.
0 House of the Dead 4: The long awaited sequel arrives
That’s right: another zombie game. However, unlike the third person survival horror of Resident Evil games, The House of the Dead games have always been non-stop action, first person arcade shooters. They involve zombies and other frightening creatures attacking the player(s).
0 Greek Week Talent Show provided top notch entertainment
Every spring the fraternities and sororities on campus get a whole week to celebrate Greek life. However, the festivities they host are open to the whole campus. This past Tuesday night, the brothers of Theta Epsilon Phi (TEP) hosted an evening packed with talent and entertainment.
0 A Doll’s House completes Ibsen’s vision
The Department of Fine Arts’ production of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House premiered before a sizeable crowd at the Walter K. Gordon Theater on Friday, April 13th. With Kenneth Elliott, a R-C Professor of Theater, at the helm, the first performance of 2012 proved to be an enlightening and compelling affair.
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