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0 The Revival of Music: The Independent scene
All things in life are cyclical, from the tides of the ocean to the flushing and refilling of a toilet bowl. Unfortunately for mainstream music from the early 2000’s until the start of the current decade, that is exactly where most of the chart toppers will be flushed to
0 Taylor Swift needs a shift
I don’t think there was one person who watched the Grammy Awards and was pleased with Taylor Swift’s mediocre performance of her song “We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together” (6th grade girls not included).
0 NJPIRG fights against global warming
NJPIRG has great things in store for this coming semester. This organization is a statewide, student directed, nonprofit group looking to protect the public. NJPIRG has been around since 1972 and there are just fewer than 100 student chapters of NJPIRG across the country to pass local and state resolution.
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