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-We all know Lance Armstrong is in trouble but did you know he might have to pay the federal government around 100 million dollars. Why? He doped and lied about it.
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I went for a stroll in Philadelphia the other day. I would easily describe it as the coldest day of my life but other than the weather, it was unremarkable. Cold and easily forgettable.
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My entire pre-collegiate life, I have envisioned college to be a place of immense intellectual superiority. I envisioned ivy covered buildings and people debating on whether Aristotle was the true philosophical genius we all assume him to be.
Archive An image of Chris Dorner taken from a surveillance video before February 12th, 2013.

Chris Dorner was not the hero we deserved. He was a murderer that resorted to violence as a final tactic to make his point. Violence is never a solution on a person to person basis.
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Homeless man returns Engagement Ring Sarah Darling lost her engagement ring one day after she took it off because it was giving her a rash. She placed it in her coin purse for safe keeping and when she passed a homeless man under a bridge, she absentmindedly emptied the contents of her coin purse in his collection cup.
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