Criminal Justice Society hosts a K9 Demonstration.


On April 1st 2014 the Criminal Justice Society hosted a charity event called the k9 demonstration. This event, which took place during free period, was centered on the Camden county police department and the Rutgers University Police Department. The two coordinating police departments demonstrated what it is like when a k9 is searching for an explosive or narcotics.

As the Criminal Justice Society’s executive board collected donations from the Rutgers students and faculty, the police went through the process of an explosive search and a narcotics search. While this search was only a demonstration, the police went through the official protocol of what would happen if an explosive or narcotics situation were to arise. The police controlled the dogs in the quad outside of the Campus Center and showed the search process in its entirety.

While speaking with a few of the Criminal Justice Society’s executive board members, enlightening comments regarding the charity event were expressed. Vice president of the organization, Brigette Forte, thinks that the charity event “went very well.” President, Shelby Tucker says “This is anti-violence week and I am so pleased with how today has gone.” She continued by saying, I hope that if anyone has any questions about The Criminal Just Society they will email  Shelby continued by saying, “I am so pleased with the event because in 1 hour in the quad we were able to raise $100.”

Ultimately, after the event, Shelby Tucker revealed that the money that was raised during the charity event will be going to the k9 dogs in the police department. The money will be used to give the dogs bullet proof vests which will invoke safety for the dogs and more security as a unit


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  1. Nicole Cunningham on

    I just wanted to clarify a few points. We are the Criminal Justice Organization, and the event featured dogs from the Camden County Sheriff’s Department, not the Camden County Metro Police Department.

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