SGA Rejects Funding for Bus to New Brunswick Rave, Discusses Text Book Alternatives


On March 10, 2014 the Student Governing Association (SGA) met to conduct a meeting and to discuss Rutgers-Camden upcoming events.

One of the first topics discussed was mentioned by the programming committee and it concerned the upcoming EDM concert being held at Rutgers-New Brunswick on April 11th. Initially, the SGA was going to provide transportation and tickets (at a discount price for students) to the concert.

However due to the uncertainty of how alluring the concert would be to the students, the members decided to reconsider the plan. After a brief deliberation, the members decided to abandon the transportation and sell the tickets for five dollars at the impact booth. It is extremely important to know that only Rutgers ID carrying students will be permitted inside of the concert.

NJPIRG representatives Omar and Alena Simon sat in on the meeting to talk about new two campaigns the organization is working on this semester. The first campaign deals with reducing the cost of textbooks for students; according to Alena, “on average, a student spends about $1200 a year on textbooks.”

Open Resource Textbooks is an alternative model and cheaper approach for textbook access. These textbooks are developed under an open copyright rather than a private publishing company; due to this, textbooks are free online for students. These textbooks possess the same quality as regular textbooks, but they are nearly a fraction of the price. However, many professors are unaware that these textbooks exist.

NJPIRG is asking the SGA to recommend that the university establishes a program to access Open Resource Textbooks. Omar chimed in with information about NJPIRG’s LEAD campaign which deals with removing huge amounts of money got of elections. “Our long term goal is to emend the constitution so we can put a cap on what big donors can fuel to federal elections.” The representatives stressed the need for community support and signed petitions.

As the meeting closed, we were reminded that election and campaigning time for the Student Governing Association is steadily approaching. Vice President Ravi Trivedi enclosed some important information for those who are interested in joining the SGA team.

This week begins the petition period; this period runs from the 10th to the 26th of March. The 31st of March is when the campaign and platform week begins. Lastly, the April  7th to the 11th begins the online voting.

If anyone is interested in joining the SGA you can contact Vice-President Ravi Trivedi at


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  1. show how sga often say they support it and then take it back..they dont have credit abilities in decision making..very undecided leaders.

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