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After researching the top fashion cities in the world for last week’s article, I came across a few fashion blogs that I thought were interesting, and, a couple hours later, I was still lost in them, reading article after article and admiring picture after picture. There are thousands of fashion blogs out there that are similar in many ways, but there are a few that differ in unique styles which ought to be examined by everyone that’s interested in fashion. Apart from my own browsing, I consulted some websites to see which blogs had been ranked as top fashion blogs, and in the end, here were my results:

I know you’ve heard about this one before. The Gleaner itself has mentioned Scott Schumann’s blog multiple times. The Sartorialist continues to hold the top spot for the best fashion blog; it pops up on every list, often in the number one position. Scott Schuman is the founder, photographer, and blogger of the Satorialist. It all started when he started carrying a digital camera around NYC, taking pictures of people whose style he found striking, then posting them in his nascent blog, with comments about his discoveries. He then started to travel around the world, visiting cities and photographing intriguing styles in relation to everyday life. He says of his blog, “I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process.” Schuman’s work was been featured in multiple magazines including Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and GQ. He has appeared in national campaigns, has work displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and recently had a book published that features his favorite shots from around the world.

Bottom line: if there’s one blog you decide to check out from this article, let it be this one; you won’t regret it.

Refinery29 is another blog that appears in the top positions of every list, falling close behind to the Sartorialist. The blog was started in hopes of creating a site that touched base with the independent spirit of fashion and personal style. Each category on the site from news, to fashion, to shopping and beauty, offers multiple sub categories; it’s bound to keep you entertained. It’s the ultimate blog to consult for shopping, deals and steals, new and upcoming trends, beauty advice, and more. As the site states: “At Refinery29, great style isn’t just a one-way obsession—it’s a fast-changing world where readers talk, designers, brands, and shop-keepers engage, and great fashion influences everything.” If you’re looking to be updated on the fast-paced world of fashion, if you’re looking for tips and advice, or if you want to shop for quality brands and a unique style, visit, and look no further.

Here’s a blog that hits close to home: is a fashion blog dedicated to college students at universities all over the US. It is the first and only blog that is written by college students-for college students. Zephyr Basine founded the website from her college dorm room in 2007, and it has been gaining attention since. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just looking for advice, this is the place to go. It has fashion tips for students, like what to wear to class or to an interview; it has the latest trends that you can showcase on your campus, beauty tips, upcoming sales, campus “street style” pictures, and more. While most fashion blogs can give you fashion tips and advice, this blog is created with the goal of relating fashion and style to our college lifestyles. While browsing the blog, I found cool articles like “Class to Night Out” and “Outfits Under $100: 1 Spring Dress, 4 Ways to Style it.” Who better to take advice from about college style than your own peers that walk college campuses all over?

Ecosalon is my personal favorite because it is a conscious fashion website. With a motto of “Have A Heart,” they give a new and modern definition to green. They write about products that are earth-friendly and socially and economically responsible. The site has been ranked as the number one website for conscious women. Ecosalon is a trusted voice of the green blogosphere, with articles often being spotted on social media sites like Stumble-upon and Reddit, and leading online publications like the Huffington Post. It has also been featured on popular websites like Treehugger and Environmental Graffiti. Their most popular articles include “10 Reusable Bags that will Keep Shopping Stylish,” and “Gorgeous and Eco Friendly Trench Coats for spring.”

Street Peeper is more of a photographic fashion blog, similar to The Sartorialist. This is a very cool blog because you can click on any city anywhere in the world and see the street fashion in that city. There are so many cities to choose from: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Milan, Shanghai, and the list goes on. Click on any city, and the large vivid images of print and color will make you feel like you’re right there in the street watching the fashion unfold. The blog was started by an ex co-author of an unsuccessful novel who used to sell beanie babies out of his college dorm room. They call him street peeper Phil. In 2007 he started Streetpeeper, and the rest is history. When asked why he peeps at street dwellers worldwide, he said, “Sometimes it feels like a job and work, and it is, but for the most part I really enjoy doing this — documenting awesome personal style, traveling the world, and meeting inspiring people, some of whom have become close personal friends as a result.”







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