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Successful at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, Restless City delves audiences into the rough and gritty New York City streets. The story follows the experience of African immigrants, especially one young adult male who doesn’t have time to play his music because he is struggling to keep a job.
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He was poor and unrecognized. Cast off by critics and dismissed by contemporaries. Riddled with mental illness and possessed by his dream. Vincent Van Gogh would not live long enough to see his reputation transition from an impoverished artist to an enigmatic, avant-garde genius who would forever move the world.
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Wow, here comes my last recipe ever (well, my last Gleaner recipe). I remember how excited I was to integrate food and drink into the paper. The first recipe I ever wrote was for hummus; I can’t even remember what year that was, I’ve been around too long it seems.
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College proves to be a difficult time for many students. With pressures from parents, peers, professors and schoolwork pushing down on us, it can be inevitable to feel overwhelmed to the point where it’s detrimental to our health. We’re away from home, experiencing independence, freedom, and responsibility.
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