The Bees Knees [Week of 3/25/2012]


Liz Clements| Lifestyles Editor

Often times you hear stores trying to get you to sign up for their credit card, saying how you can save an extra 20% today and see more deals in the future, like cash back and coupons. Well it seems like those deals always come with a fine print, if you ever see those deals to begin with. But, recently I happened to stumble upon the fact that Target gives you 5% off all your purchases every single time your use your target card. Regardless of what you buy and when you buy, you get 5% off, no strings attached. Now, while 5% isn’t all that much it can certainly add up and it’s certainly an incentive to buy from Target as opposed to their competitor Wal-Mart. And, if you need to buy a big ticket item and can’t find a deal, Target is there to give you an automatic 5% off. That extra change can go in your pocket for a vacation or a nice lunch with the girls.


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